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Monday March 1st

DTH at a Glance

If you're an AP Human Geography teacher, don't read this.

I'm going to talk more about high school this morning. Flash back four years to AP Human Geography (ZING, betcha thought made-up classes only started once you got to UNC!), and a classmate of mine is talking to his friend about his recent rejection letter from Carolina.

He (very vocally) said that some of our classmates only got accepted to UNC because they're girls. When someone pointed out that I was accepted, he said I only got in because I'm gay. Luckily, this guy limited himself to complaining in the back of a public school classroom instead of filing a giant lawsuit against UNC — because that's a thing some people decided to do.

People will always try to find excuses when they get turned down, and that can hurt. If you're on the receiving end, try not to take it personally. If you're on the dealing end, try not to take it to the Supreme Court.

— Danny


  • UNC football is remaining relevant kind of late in the season, an occurrence that sports people informed me is "something that has rarely been the case this millennium."
  • UNC students might be the targets of check-cashing email schemes, according to The Department of Public Safety. Silly scammers, millennials don't know how to cash checks.
  • Campus MovieFest, the film competition that's "not like other film competitions," just finished up its first round with about 30 submissions.
  • UNC might soon be getting three new P2Ps after several existing buses decided they'd seen enough dancing, vomiting and child-conceiving to officially retire forever.


Rameses is a patricidal diva who takes forever to get ready. He also prefers eating shrubbery over watching football, which means we have a minimum of three things in common. To find out more about Rameses' morning beauty routine and his self-help tips for voluminous hair that make dermatologists hate him, find him at Saturday's game.


Two of my favorite things in the world have collided, and I'm not talking about Jade Palace playing "Feeling Myself" last night. I mean rap music and the UNC Walk-Ons. Because despite an initial, gruesome turf war over the Pit on Wednesday nights, UNC Cypher decided to partner with the a cappella group for their fall concert. I will definitely be there front and center in spirit because my body has been legally dead for three days.


Women's and civil rights groups are calling for administrators to protect students from harassment on anonymous social media. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign point to discriminatory behavior perpetrated on the apps as rationale for administrative intervention. But some students disagree and seem to like Yik Yak. One UNC first-year called it "a newspaper, but for college."



UNC faces a lawsuit that's en route to the Supreme Court. It's being filed because UNC factors race into its admissions policies, and people say that makes it unfairly hard for Asian and white students to get in. Hard for all 76.4 percent of us who make up the student body here :/


In the School of Start Here / Never STOP CHANGING YOUR MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: All the new journo kids who don't have to be baptized by fire and Econ 101 make me sick. Almost as sick figuratively as economics made me spiritually. But if this new generation ever gets you down, just remember: We have the add/drop period. Cling to that.


We're officially giving you the green light to start Christmas prep. If you're among the elite group of brave angels who want to start celebrating Christmas now that October is over, you've probably gotten a lot of heck for it. So here are four tips for you to fight back against those soulless cretins who want us to wait until after Thanksgiving.

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