Photographic coverage of the Civic Digital Fellowship event for client Coding it Forward in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy of Tai Huynh.

Column: Making downtown Chapel Hill better requires innovation and collaboration

Chapel Hill Town Council candidate Tai Huynh shares his view on the future of Town development

I want to walk down Franklin Street, drop in on friends who started their business and decided to grow it locally, interact with the work of artists who work in collaborative spaces supported by the University and the Town, and buy from companies that employ my neighbors. 

Franklin Street

Franklin Street sits at the northern edge of campus and it is the most famous stretch of pavement in Chapel Hill. Many of the businesses on Franklin Street cater to students. 

Students often rush Franklin Street after a win against Duke in basketball. Chapel Hill’s Homegrown Halloween event, which at its peak attracted nearly 32,000 college students from across the state, is held on Franklin Street.

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Franklin Eats Suttons.JPG

NCPIRG calls on YoPo and Sutton's to stop using styrofoam

North Carolina Public Interest Research Group is a consumer interest group with an emphasis on environmental and public health issues. The request is part of NCPIRG’s lead campaign for spring 2019, where they’re focusing on campus sustainability and single-use plastics.

Influential women

Meet the women leading businesses in Chapel Hill and Durham

To celebrate Women’s History Month, read the stories of four influential women entrepreneurs in the Chapel Hill and Durham communities. From furniture to boba tea, art to African cuisine, these women are running the local business scene. And with women entrepreneurs in the U.S. having increased by 114 percent in the last 20 years, totaling about 40 percent of businesses overall, it's no big surprise.