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Editorial: When falling out of a deep platonic love


"According to Psychology Today, platonic loss, not from death but by friend breakup, is just as painful as a romantic one. It can lead to psychological symptoms of anxiety and “depression with feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness.” And the less we talk about it, the more we internalize it."


Column: UNC housekeepers deserve better


"If UNC's administration cared, it would advocate on behalf of the workers it represents. It would be working with OSHR to increase the allowable salaries for service workers on campus. It would be working with its staff, not trying to placate them with distracting raises and a bonus program designed to shut down dissent."


Editorial: UNC knows how to go pro


" The Tar Heels have been a leader in almost all of the varsity sports the University offers — and it goes beyond just being a good college team. UNC has consistently put athletes in the pros, and a lot of them. But allowing athletes the opportunity to grow into professionals includes not discounting those who don't have the privilege to display their talent earlier in their career."

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Op-ed: North Carolina kids need a support network

"A lot of difficult issues arise during the course of a child’s life. Instead of passing bills that might endanger kids and limit their options for support, our legislature should be providing resources to make sure that children have the help they need. That’s why I sponsored Senate Bill 74, a Students’ Bill of Rights which would assure that students have the freedom to learn."


Column: Your guide to a solo road trip


"A solo road trip isn’t just about the road or the trip, it’s about the solo. It’s about getting quality alone time to think and to scream-sing and to take detours down small backroads. It’s about small self-discoveries. It’s about allowing yourself to really be you."

The Daily Tar Heel

Op-ed: UE Local 150 comes out in defense of academic freedom

"As workers of UNC, without whom the University cannot operate, we believe that the University should be a public good, producing research and an educated workforce and citizenry for the benefit of the State of North Carolina. We are certain that this role cannot be accomplished in the absence of academic freedom, or in the presence of political intervention in University affairs. We demand both governing boards take a step back, stick to their traditional roles, and let us do our work."


Office DJ: Stealing my dad's music taste


"Even though I'm 20 now, sometimes it feels like I'm still only old enough to be 'driving' the big tractor outside the State Farmers Market Restaurant in Raleigh. I wonder if other college students ever feel like they're in a weird limbo between childhood and adulthood. Between dependence and independence?"


Column: Surviving the indie boy crisis


"I’m sure you’ve seen him wandering around campus. I’m sure there’s one in your gen-ed philosophy class who can’t quite seem to stop quoting his favorite philosopher. Sure, he’s only read a few excerpts from Nietzsche, but he understands it better than you. He gets it on a deeper level."


Column: NCSU and UNC face similar mental health crises


"Despite the fact that college students are continuing to be the victims of a mental health crisis, our universities are failing to properly prioritize and recognize the necessary solutions. It is their duty to provide students with the programs and resources needed to battle the life-threatening reality of today's mental health crisis."


Editorial: No Spring Break plans? No problem.


"We get it – the FOMO is real. Watching your peers travel while you're kicking back in your shared college town can put a damper on the relaxation that we are supposed to be enjoying. To combat the ultimate Spring Break FOMO, here's a comprehensive guide to having fun even if you're staying on Tar Heel territory over break."

The Daily Tar Heel

Letter: Housekeepers deserve a living wage and free parking

"Nonwhite people and immigrants are highly overrepresented in the housekeeping profession which can add layers of racism and xenophobia to exploitation from employers who treat them more like replaceable tools and less like human beings worthy of a fair wage, a safe working environment and acceptable living conditions."


Column: No sweetie, we have ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ at home


"As a queer Black woman, I can understand how important it is for people to know how race and homophobia played a huge role in the real Dahmer case. Even so, I would like to believe that the painful history of underrepresented groups does not have to be re-lived and dramatized on a big screen just to be heard and understood."

The Daily Tar Heel

Op-ed: So much relies on abortion access

"The anti-choice movement purports to be ‘pro-woman’ yet spreads deliberate misinformation to instill confusion, shame and fear about abortion access."