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Friday January 27th

Gimghoul Castle is the headquarters of the Order of Gimghoul, a secret collegiate society in Chapel Hill.  Signs posted outside of the castle warn people to stay off of the property on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018.

Editorial: Our famous campus myths, rumors and tales

"Attending the first public university in the nation has its perks (besides the lead-ridden pipes). For example, admission to UNC comes with access to over 200 years of campus lore. From haunted buildings – yes, buildings is plural – to zany characters. Come with the Editorial Board as we share our favorite myths, legends and rumors surrounding UNC."

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Column: Ghost-Busting 101

"Don’t be a ghost this spooky season. And if you have a ghastly encounter, hold your head high. They decided you didn’t deserve basic respect. You might as well give it to yourself."

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A recent protest at the Louis Vuitton fashion show brings attention to the problem of sustainability and the climate crisis in the fashion industry.

Column: How TikTok changed fashion

"TikTok has most definitely revolutionized the fashion industry. Think of that scene from the Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly is lecturing Andy Sachs on the roots of her fashion decisions and the legacy of the cerulean blue sweater. It’s unlikely any accessory or clothing choice we make now wasn't influenced by TikTok."

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DTH Photo Illustration: A student falls into an Internet addiction on Monday, Oct. 17, 2022.

Column: An incel fell, but Google dug the rabbit hole

"I know everyone but the political science kids left when I started talking about legislation, but this is important. Every meme in your group message, every conspiracy theory on Twitter, every Nicki Minaj music video, every human organ sold on the black market (well, maybe not that last one) have a platform because Section 230 stands."

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DTH Graphic

Column: Learning to deal with grief

"Grief knows no boundaries; it can attack you at work, in the middle of class, in your parked car while you listen to the radio. I’ve lived with my grief for the entirety of 2022 and I want to share the things I’ve learned and unlearned."

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