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3/25/2019 8:42pm

Opinion Editor Alec Dent

Column: I'm worried about our commenters

I hope that those of you who recognize your own behavior in this column will seek the necessary help and can go back to leading productive, complete lives once again. And you can take your first step here, by resisting the urge to leave a comment.  

3/25/2019 7:45pm

Kent McDonald

Column: SOS I don't have a crush anymore!

Today I finally let go of my crush. I gave him one last hug, smiled and nodded farewell. After he left, a new sensation arrived. Equally as crushing as before, but without the erratic oscillations between ecstatic joys and infuriating lows. Just a crushingly static sobriety. The moment I didn’t have someone to think about, I missed the feeling of having someone to think about.

3/25/2019 12:30am

Editorial: Good luck, USC

"It reminds us of a conversation we had at a meeting soon after Folt announced her resignation. Great, a member said. Now the history books are going to say Folt took down Silent Sam with her own two hands."

3/19/2019 11:28pm

Chris Dahlie

Column: From one dysfunctional family to another

"This admissions scandal or one like it could easily happen here. If we love our school, our teams, our professors, our colleagues, we need to take the beam away from our eyes and watch, carefully, to prevent its corruption."

3/19/2019 8:02pm

Editorial: Good riddance, voter ID law

"The North Carolina Republican Party’s ongoing efforts to strip marginalized communities of their rights is seemingly never-ending — and, quite frankly, it’s getting old."

3/17/2019 7:54pm

Letter to the Editor: Call Christchurch a terrorist attack

This evasiveness is dangerous, it dulls down the urgency of the growing pandemic of anti-Muslim crime. Enough is enough, we cannot make progress in our fight against hatred without acknowledging it and facing it head on. 

3/17/2019 7:49pm

abhishek shankar

Column: Forget the 'race' card: Let’s talk about wealth

How can we justify stereotyping minority students as unfit for college when their wealthy counterparts nonchalantly take higher education as a given? Moreover, how can we pretend that minority students manipulate the system when we have tangible evidence that the privileged population do exactly that?