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Tuesday June 6th

Community Members Attend Inaugural Chapel Hill-Carrboro Juneteenth Events

The Orange County Board of Education building, as pictured on Monday, March 28, 2022, is located on East King Street in Hillsborough.

Orange County Schools Board of Education approves new AP class, other contracts

On Monday during its meeting, the Orange County Schools Board of Education approved a contract with Engaging Schools, authorized a consulting contract for the district’s after-school program and heard updates from about the $40 million Capital and Construction projects that OCS is undertaking. The board also unanimously voted to approve adding A.P. African American Studies to OCS schools' curriculum. 

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House bill could eliminate tenure in the UNC System, faculty see it as a threat to academic freedom

N.C. House Bill 715, or The Higher Ed. Modernization & Affordability Act, aims to end faculty tenure at all UNC System universities and community colleges. Many UNC professors have expressed alarm at the legislation. A letter with over 670 signatures said the faculty are concerned by the “interference and overreach” of the N.C. legislature, UNC Board of Governors and UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees into academic freedom and shared governance at the University.  “(The state legislature) challenged the core operations of the University —  teaching, research, hiring, tenure — everything that we take seriously, everything that's vital to the institution, is being challenged in a new way here,” history professor Jay Smith said. “And, we just wanted to raise our voices in protest.”

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Adriana Cook is a UNC student who is graduating this spring as a "non-traditional", or grown adult gradutate.

'It's never too late': non-traditional students reflect on their UNC experiences

The undergraduate college experience is often thought of as a transitional time into adulthood, but the undergraduate experience is not limited to those 18 to 22 years old.  Adriana Cook, a senior at UNC, enrolled when she was 59 years old. Last September, she celebrated 14 years of sobriety and overcoming addiction — a feat that started her on the path to higher education.   “I couldn’t see that what I was doing was ruining my life at that time,” she said. “I think it’s important for younger students to maybe think about postponing college for a little bit — a year or two — to get some life experience and gain a better appreciation of school when they come back."

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UNC Hospital is home to the Jason Ray Transplant Clinic off of Manning Drive in Chapel Hill N.C. on Monday, April 24, 2023.

National Donate Life Month combats transplant-based medical mistrust

Every April, "National Donate Life" Month encourages people to sign up to become organ donors through activities and events that foster community engagement and education. However, some believe a history of medical discrimination and inequity in the health care system has targeted underrepresented groups and continues to affect the donation process for both organ donors and recipients.

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DTH Photo Illustration. The North Carolina Legislative Building is photographed on Monday, April 24, 2023, as the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the riot bill, which was created to implement harsher punishments against demonstrators.

ACLU challenges new NC law set to redefine, impose stricter punishments for riots

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina filed a lawsuit challenging multiple provisions of House Bill 40, which would impose stricter penalties for rioting, on April 11. In its complaint, the ACLU named two members who would be affected by the bill due to their continued involvement in Black Lives Matter protests, including Jaelyn Miller, a community lawyering fellow at Emancipate NC.

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DTH Photo Illustration. The North Carolina General Assembly introduced a bill to amend the North Carolina Constitution and make North Carolina a right to work state.

Bill seeks to amend N.C. Constitution to codify "right to work"

On Monday, the General Assembly passed the first reading of a bill that may permanently put a right-to-work law into the North Carolina Constitution. A right-to-work law makes it illegal for employers to require workers to join or maintain membership in a union when they are hired. It guarantees a person’s right to work, even if the individual doesn't want to join a union and pay dues.  

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UNC senior Rida Bayraktar sits at Polk Place on Friday, April 14, 2023. Bayraktar is the most recent vice president of the UNC Muslim Students Association which sets up a table every Friday and reaches out to other clubs on campus, in order to bring more people into the community and celebrate holidays, such as Ramadan, together.

Muslim students strive for visibility on campus

The UNC Muslim Students Association provides a space for students to pray, socialize and learn more about the culture. But attaining that space — both physically and figuratively — is something that students continually strive for.  During Ramadan, a holy month marked by spiritual reflection and community, MSA has been able to reserve rooms in the Student Union for prayer — specifically for Taraweeh, a prayer that takes place every night of Ramadan. “On any Christian major holiday like Christmas, Easter, there's no exams, there's no assignments due that day,” Sidra Qayyum, the most recent president of MSA said. “It's just a little frustrating when there's other religion’s holidays that aren't taken into account as well.”

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