9/20/2018 12:05am

Student Body President Savannah Putnam attends a special meeting of the Board of Trustees the morning of Aug. 28 at Paul J. Rizzo Conference Center.

SBP Savannah Putnam's 'Catch-22': Power dynamics in the BOT

When the Board of Trustees huddled in closed session earlier this month, awaiting instruction on how to proceed on the delicate Confederate monument issue, Savannah Putnam met with them.  As the SBP, her job is to act as a liaison between the students and administration. Yet despite her status as a voting ex-officio member of the BOT, she was asked to leave a conversation which took place before the official special meeting dates of both the BOT and BOG.

9/17/2018 5:41pm

Tarik Woods

Column: Make the Undergraduate Senate more diverse

All our student leaders have a responsibility to do what is right, regardless of how “contentious” it may seem. Students have been subject to this type of complacency for long enough with our University administration and should not undergo it with their student leadership as well. I hope that the trend of vetoing progress for the sake of pleasantness does not continue.

10/2/2017 7:41pm

Students walk around the pit before announcing who will be performing at the Carolina Union Activities Board homecoming show. Accounts managed by the Student Activities Fund Office, which control money distributed to student organizations by the Undergraduate Senate, will be managed by CUAB as SAFO is phased out.

SAFO phase out means funds must change hands

Student organizations — the University’s clubs, fraternities and other groups whose operation depends on funds allocated by Student Government — will see their money change hands at the end of the 2017-18 year.

4/12/2017 1:05am

Elizabeth Adkins is a junior political science and journalism major and is running to be Student Body President.

New Student Code up for debate at student government

Student government isn’t exactly starting from scratch — but the books are being rewritten. Along with the new constitution that accompanied the arrival of the Elizabeth Adkins administration, a revised Student Code is about to take hold as well.