9/3/2018 9:21pm

Photo courtesy of Ross Boyce, studying malaria.

Off-campus work-study jobs seeming harder to get, and keep, after payment changes

Senior Morgan Holder is in love with her work-study job at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. In a world of unpaid internships and menial jobs with long hours, students like Holder look to get paid doing what they love. For many students, work study offers a unique way to make livable wages and gain experience in fields related to their interests. But new changes to salaries is disincentivizing employers from taking on work-study students. So what's worth more: student experience or cutting costs?

1/21/2018 8:55pm

Photo courtesy of Caribbean Student Association.

Caribbean Student Association provides family for students

At UNC, students are inspired to join organizations that they feel best represent them. The same energy that drives students to join is the same force that inspires them to create. In the case of Caribbean Students Organization, students not only created, but established a tradition of their own.