Anica Midthun


Barbara Mikulski, longest serving woman in Congress, to retire after four-decade career

Barbara Mikulski — the longest serving female member in the history of Congress — announced on Monday that she will not be running for a sixth consecutive term. Mikulski is a Democratic senator from Maryland who has fought consistently for bipartisan compromise, for women's issues and for women lawmakers since she first gained the seat in 1988. She served in the House of Representatives for a dozen years before then.

NC House bill would curb naming state highways after politicians

New legislation was proposed in the N.C. House of Representatives on Wednesday to limit naming of highways to military personal and emergency responders who were killed in the line of duty. This legislation would only apply to public highways, so cities would still be able to name roads after politicians. But it's an effort to curb the number of roads named for politicians — which Gov. Pat McCrory made a joke about in his State of the State speech.

Board of Education: All NC high school students to be impacted by grading scale change

The N.C. Board of Education voted Thursday to change North Carolina’s grading scale from a seven-point grading scale to a 10-point grading scale — affecting all current public high school students. In North Carolina public school, a 93-100 used to mean that the student would receive an A, while a 90 was a B. But the new changes being ushered in will allow students receiving anywhere from a 90 to a 100 to receive an A.