Grace Carney


Q&A with OWASA Manager, Ken Loflin

Can you explain how fluoride became widely spread in the water of Orange County? Flouride has to be boated on and the governor has to vote on the addition of fluoride in the water supply, and so once that’s approved or the board votes for it to be added, then of course the facility has to build feet systems in accordance with state policy and follow rules and regulations for fluoride.

WOTS: How are you involved with the arts at UNC?

Ellie Sheild Senior political science major and Spanish minor “I try to go to the Carolina Performing Arts Theater at least four times per semester.” Malik Currence Junior sociology major and studio arts minor “I am a studio arts minor with a concentration in photography.” Joe Plever Junior computer science major and German minor “I attended a performance at Memorial Hall called ‘Journey Into Asia’ and enjoyed it." Thomas Andrews Junior economics major and Hispanic linguistics minor “I love the Kenan Theater performances.