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Word on the Street: What TV shows are you excited about this semester?

School is back from winter break, but perhaps more importantly, so are all of your favorite television shows! Well, maybe not ("Game of Thrones" won’t be back until next year), but there's still a lot to look forward to.  Here are some of the shows that students around campus can’t wait to see return.  Spoiler alert: they are all Emmy award-winning shows.

Carolina Jams is hosting their fall concert at Local 506 on Thursday. Photo courtesy of Zac Gonzales.

Carolina Jams will host first concert at Local 506

It’s no secret that UNC is home to a lot of musically talented students.  Chances are, if you’ve taken a stroll through the pit, you’ve probably seen a cappella groups advertising one of their upcoming concerts. And if you ventured into Fraternity Court on game day, there’s likely been a band or two performing. However, if you wanted to join a club last year that catered towards musicians who just want to jam out and play music, you were out of luck. That is, until Carolina Jams formed late last year and took the stage as one of UNC’s newest clubs on campus this semester.