Mary Helen Moore


Roll carts coming for Chapel Hill recycling

Chapel Hill residents could soon see their recycling bins switched out for roll carts with five times more capacity. The Chapel Hill Town Council unanimously passed a resolution on Monday to support the Orange County Board of Commissioners by awarding a five-year contract to the lowest bidder.

Fowled by the Owl Prowl

“So we’re going to be staying here for two hours?” a kid in a blue coat tugged on his dad and asked. I have to admit, I was thinking the same thing.

Carrboro to be featured in new video game

A video game about Carrboro is in the works. “Carrboro Quest is a community collaborative art project — by, about and for the people of Chapel Hill and Carrboro,” the video game’s creator Stirling Little said. Little graduated from UNC in May, but said he still lives in and cultivates a love for the area — though the game will poke fun at Carrboro and its problems. “If I am elsewhere in the world and I say home, I mean Carrboro,” the Atlanta-native said.