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Chair Darrell Allison at a previous meeting at the UNC Center for School Leadership Development on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019.

BOG member and Racial Equity Task Force Chairperson Darrell Allison resigns

Black students make up over one-fifth of total enrollment at UNC-System schools, which include five historically Black institutions. Within the Board of Governors, the UNC System's 24 voting-member governing body, there were only three Black members — which equals just 12.5 percent.  But last month, that number decreased to two when BOG member Darrell Allison unexpectedly resigned. If a Black individual is not named as a replacement by the North Carolina General Assembly, the community would be represented descriptively by just eight percent of the Board.

UNC could experience financial losses of $400 million between the onset of the pandemic in March up to the middle of summer 2021 and their plans to recover remain unclear. Graphic by Matthew Meyers.

'A perfect storm of financial problems': How UNC’s losses could extend to $400 million

The University is facing revenue shortfalls, and it's unclear how they plan to make up for the deficit. Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz said on Aug. 28 the University suffered a $100 million loss from March until the end of the 2020 fiscal year in June.  Then at last week’s September Faculty Council meeting, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations Nate Knuffman said UNC could see an additional loss of $300 million in revenue during this fiscal year — which runs from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. “The good news is that enrollment has stayed steady,” Guskiewicz said at the meeting.

Screenshot from the virtually Faculty Committee Meeting on Friday, June 19, 2020 to discuss the Carolina Roadmap.

'This road leads to a disaster': Faculty express reopening concerns in letters

UNC faculty have expressed concerns about the University's reopening, along with student leaders and campus workers. Through a public letter published in The Charlotte Observer and a letter from Chairperson of the Faculty Mimi Chapman, faculty have expressed their fears of returning to campus and of community spread of COVID-19.  “We are willing to do our part,” Chapman wrote. “But at this point, I believe that our University and perhaps the entire UNC System is being asked to turn straw into gold.”

Chair of the Faculty Lloyd Kramer (left) listens as UNC Police Chief David Perry (right) speaks during a Faculty Executive Committee Meeting in South Building on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019. Perry emphasizes the need for the police force to build a rapport with their community.

'On everyone's mind': Data shows UNC faculty salaries fall behind peer universities

Data shows that UNC full professor pay is about $19,000 below that of peer institutions. Associate professors earn about $16,000 less and assistant professors make $3,000 less. The data was presented to the Faculty Council at its December meeting.  UNC is currently unable to give raises to faculty, as the North Carolina General Assembly has not passed a budget. Provost Bob Blouin said this leaves the University with no new state resources to put into the raise pool. Currently, salary compression and inequalities in pay are concerning to faculty members. 

Junior Senator Tanner Henson (bottom left) of the Undergraduate Senate reacts to Senator Sosa Evbuomwan's response to events that occurred at the last meeting Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018 in Gardner Hall. 

UNC's Undergraduate Senate to vote on making senate seats paid

A new bill proposed in the Undergraduate Senate would provide student senators with a $300 maximum stipend based on the number of meetings they attend. Some members of the senate think the bill will encourage participation and make the senate more appealing and accessible to students. Others have their doubts.