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Chair of the Faculty Lloyd Kramer (left) listens as UNC Police Chief David Perry (right) speaks during a Faculty Executive Committee Meeting in South Building on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019. Perry emphasizes the need for the police force to build a rapport with their community.

'On everyone's mind': Data shows UNC faculty salaries fall behind peer universities

Data shows that UNC full professor pay is about $19,000 below that of peer institutions. Associate professors earn about $16,000 less and assistant professors make $3,000 less. The data was presented to the Faculty Council at its December meeting.  UNC is currently unable to give raises to faculty, as the North Carolina General Assembly has not passed a budget. Provost Bob Blouin said this leaves the University with no new state resources to put into the raise pool. Currently, salary compression and inequalities in pay are concerning to faculty members. 

Junior Senator Tanner Henson (bottom left) of the Undergraduate Senate reacts to Senator Sosa Evbuomwan's response to events that occurred at the last meeting Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018 in Gardner Hall. 

UNC's Undergraduate Senate to vote on making senate seats paid

A new bill proposed in the Undergraduate Senate would provide student senators with a $300 maximum stipend based on the number of meetings they attend. Some members of the senate think the bill will encourage participation and make the senate more appealing and accessible to students. Others have their doubts. 

The Unsung Fouders Memorial stands in McCorkle Place as a reminder of UNC's racial history. On Jan. 8, 2020, UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz announced the launch of a new commission dedicated to adressing the university's history with slavery and race relations.

'Time will only tell': How Guskiewicz's new history commission stacks up to Folt's

The new Commission on History, Race and a Way Forward is seen by some as a continuation of former UNC Chancellor Carol Folt's Task Force on UNC-Chapel Hill History. Some campus members share their expectations for the new commission, highlighting how they hope it will differ from Folt's task force.  Folt's task force was instituted after the Board of Trustees changed the name of Saunders Hall in 2016 and then enacted a 16-year freeze on naming buildings. Board of Trustees Chairperson Richard Stevens said Guskiewicz's commission will build on work done by Folt's, and that it will have as much time as it needs to explore UNC's history.