Rachel Schmitt


Safety committee sees surplus of funds

In the face of yearly surpluses, Student Congress members are beginning to question the fee that the Student Safety and Security Committee uses to allocate to various student safety groups, as well as the committee’s existence.

Why We’re “Carolina” and You’re Not

So apparently there’s a university down in South Carolina (cough cough USC) that has the AUDACITY to call themselves “Carolina.” We’re here to clear up this little matter, and explain, once and for all, why UNC is the only Carolina around. 1.

Some students will spend spring break in class

While many view spring break as a time away from class, some students see it as a time to dig deeper into their field of study. Multiple courses at UNC contain a travel component over school breaks that allow students and instructors the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to education. Professor Richard Cole’s JOMC 447: “Mass Communication in Mexico” leaves Friday morning for Mexico City to attend lectures from various journalists at three separate universities in the city, a tour of the Mexican newspaper Reforma and a tour of Televisa, which is the second largest mass media company in Latin America.