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In this illustration, a teacher is lighting a pot belly stove in Chapter Three of "Little School in the Woods." Courtesy of Maggie Shibley.

UNC art major Maggie Shibley helps bring a children's book to life

Maggie Shibley, UNC senior and studio art major, illustrated Emily Brewer's newest children's book, "Little School in the Woods." The book tells the history of a rural North Carolina schoolhouse for African-American children. Staff writer Rebecca Fiely talked to Shibley about her experience illustrating the book.

Emily Callahan

Here are some UNC students’ favorite concert memories

With summer break just weeks away, outdoor concert and music festival memories are on the brain. Whether students have traveled to distant states for concerts or seen bands perform right here in Chapel Hill, everyone who has gone to concerts seems to have one that stands out in their memory. Staff writer Becca Fiely asked UNC students, “Have you been to any concerts — and if so, which was your favorite one?” 

Arts Everywhere, a UNC initiative that has brought art into everyday spaces, is hosting "Arts Everywhere Day" on April 6. 

Arts Everywhere Day aims to connect academics and arts for students and the community

“Arts Everywhere Day isn’t just a day,” said Emil Kang, special assistant to the Chancellor for the arts. “It’s a much larger initiative, and we’re trying to change campus culture."  Arts Everywhere Day is creating spaces for collaboration, creativity and compassion, both on the UNC campus and beyond this Friday, April 6. The initiative is introducing things like a "Before I Die" wall outside Davis Library, installing pianos on- and off-campus and painting a mural on the Morrison Residence Hall basketball court.  “I think for us in the arts community, we feel like we’re small, and we are really trying to get people to see that it’s not about someone having to be an artist to be part of that community,” Kang said.


"Afternoon" by Norman Lewis is featured in the Nasher Museum of Art's exhibit "Solidary & Solitary."


"Afternoon" by Norman Lewis is featured in the Nasher Museum of Art's exhibit "Solidary & Solitary."