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Protesters hold a sign during a demonstration in downtown Raleigh on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. About 250 people participated in the protest in support of DACA after President Donald Trump announced that he would phase out the program.

Universities are preparing for the future of dreamers amid DACA's potential rollback

Students who have benefitted from DACA are now facing uncertainty as a decision on the program's future rests in the hands of the Supreme Court. At the same time, colleges and universities across North Carolina are teetering the line between protecting students and complying with the law in a state that allows local law enforcement to collaborate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and prohibits sanctuary cities. While several schools have declared themselves sanctuary campuses, others are relying on student activism. No matter what the method is, they say they're trying to help DACA recipients carry the weight.

CHALT members Linda Brown (left) Julie McClintock (center) and Charles Humble (right) discuss watersheds and their environmental impacts in the Chapel Hill Public Library on Thursday, April 4th, 2019.

Will CHALT and NEXT endorsed candidates be successful on Tuesday?

As election day approaches, candidates for local office in Chapel Hill and Carrboro are entering the homestretch of campaigning. For the Next Action Fund and Chapel Hill Leadership Political Action Committee, this means the wait is almost over: in just a few days, they will know if the candidates they endorsed have secured seats. 

DTH Photo Illustration. Chapel Hill bars and restaurants are combatting underage drinking by using measures such as thorough ID checks and BARS training for the identification of fake IDs.

How bars and restaurants on Franklin are trying to prevent underage drinking

Being in college isn't an excuse to drink underaged. Bar and restaurant owners in Chapel Hill are taking an extra step in preventing illegal alcohol consumption off-campus.  Fake ID training and routine checks are some of the ways that law enforcement and alcohol vendors work to prevent underage patrons from being served alcohol. But the mentality surrounding drinking is one that too casually permits the behavioral processes that lead students to drink in the first place. 

Source: N.C. General Assembly

Here's how N.C. A&T students are responding to their divided congressional district

While traveling through campus, students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University commonly cross between North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District to its 13th district. A Republican lawmaker acknowledges that the strange division was a result of partisan gerrymandering. In the wake of a 2016 decision, students are fighting for proper representation. Students at North Carolina A&T demand representation that they can identify with, especially as Black voters represent a significant portion of the state's population. But gerrymandering goes even beyond misrepresentation; it can lead to extreme policy making that doesn't involve cooperation between parties.