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Want a better life? Log off social media

As a way to focus more on studying, Maddie DeVries decided to unplug from social media when midterms began. Now, she's realizing how much better she is without it, and she's staying logged off.

UNC student plays Fortnite, online video game, in their dorm on Wednesday, February 14th. 

Fortnite: Battle Royale has spread like the flu, and the gamers of UNC are not immune

Haven't seen your friends in a couple of weeks? They're probably playing Fortnite.  “I think what makes it so addicting is the fast pace of the game, especially toward the end,” UNC junior Lily James said. “It’s really intense, so whether you win or lose, you’re kind of like, ‘I’m ready to go again.’” The newest online video game sensation, Fortnite: Battle Royale, combines “The Hunger Games," Call of Duty and Minecraft in a fast-paced, every-man-for-himself slugfest.  Each game drops 100 players onto an island where they can gather weapons, shields and materials to build forts. The goal? Be the last one standing. 

UNC students buying into bitcoin

Bitcoin this, litecoin that. It seems as if the days of nickels and dimes are over. Now, the only coins anyone ever talks about can’t be seen, held or, to be honest, spent on really anything.  In this age of technology, even cold, hard cash is going digital, and some expect cryptocurrencies to be the future of finance. 


The drawing board on selection Sunday

The drawing board on selection Sunday