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DTH at a Glance: Avocado-toast gods

Good morning, and happy belated International Women's Day!

This summer, I had one staple in my weekend trips up to visit friends in Washington. It was a clandestine treasure I dredged up from the cold depths of page 4 of Yelp, and it was called Beyoncé Brunch. It was exactly the same as normal brunch, except the mimosas were twice as expensive for D.C. prices, and the restaurant exclusively played songs from Lemonade and ANTI.

Now, bless the bacon and avocado-toast gods, there is a "Brunch Bill" being proposed in the state legislature that would allow restaurants to serve alcohol before noon on Sundays.

North Carolina politicians might agree with The Gays™ on some things after all :')

— Danny


  • Some local high schoolers spent their day off for International Women's Day raising money for Planned Parenthood, HomeStart, the Compass Center and the Orange County Rape Crisis Center.
  • A recent UNC study found up to 90 percent of predatory fish in coral reefs around the U.S. and Mexico are now gone due to overfishing. We had biology professor John Bruno explain why you should care.
  • But screw the fish — UNC employees are being poached at notable rates. Last academic year, 11 faculty members left UNC and five received offers from Duke.


Someone reported the use of a counterfeit $5 bill at around 9:30 Tuesday night. Moment of silence for someone who took the time to counterfeit a $5 bill.


For Pi Day, computer science students got to pay $10 to throw pies at just about any faculty member in their department. Except department chairperson Kevin Jeffay. He was $15.


The student body presidential election is officially set — again — for Friday, March 10. Yes, that's the beginning of Spring Break. Because of course it is.

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