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DTH at a Glance: Halleloo, we're back!

Good morning, and welcome to the end of the best weekend in the collective memory of collegiate basketball.

The last break of my life might be over and I might've forgotten about a film paper that was due over break, but UNC is heading to its third consecutive Sweet 16. Villanova is out. d00k is out.

And I am too busy making up for years of missed prayer/Mass to write a proper anecdote this morning.

— Danny


  • Meet Madeline Finnegan, the sole student voice on the UNC-system Board of Governors. We talked with her about representation and a new law that will decrease overall membership on the board.
  • UNC became the second college in the country to start using the web-based portal Next Request, adopting a brand new and improved way to ignore public records requests.
  • Here are some takeaways that happened with the Trump administration while we were all on Spring Break, including a couple pages of leaked tax papers.


Someone stole an energy drink, Listerine and a pack of Stride Sour Patch gum from Food Lion on Tuesday. Also, someone else was reported for masturbating in Chapel Hill Public Library.

I was gonna try to find a joke with "hardcover" somewhere in there, but that feels counter to my whole "prayer" thing.


We sat down with UNC graduate and screenwriter Bekah Brunstetter to talk about her work with NBC's "This Is Us." Her screenplay about a conservative woman who faces a moral dilemma about baking a cake for a gay couple will also be coming to PlayMakers in the fall.


March 18 marked the 40th birthday of WXYC. Check out Swerve Director Sarah Vassello's piece delving into the last four decades and how it came to be the station it is today.


Craig Stephen Hicks — who's charged in the deaths of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha — appeared in a Durham County courtroom for the first time in over a year on Tuesday. A judge ordered the FBI to release information it gathered from a search of Hicks' computer.

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