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CUAB announces Chase Rice as Jubilee performer

Chase Rice said that Carolina can — and it did.

The Carolina Union Activities Board announced today that Chase Rice, a former UNC linebacker and a UNC class of 2008 graduate, will be the performer at the 2016 Jubilee concert.

UNC grad enters 'The Amazing Race'

The resume of the vast pool of UNC alumni just got a little bit more amazing.

"Shimmer" art walk to light up Chapel Hill, Carrboro

Tonight is going to be lit.

UNC student’s bully puppy wins hearts of all


There’s one creature that can go anywhere on UNC’s campus and be welcomed by all — a dog.

UNC STV finds drama in business dealings

There’s no business like show business, and UNC Student Television station managers Gabrielle Garland and Christian Wisseh want to make it clear — STV is definitely a business.

‘A Year in Reflection’ through art


Following the deaths of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha, Triangle-area residents turned to art to grieve and make sense of the tragedies.

Q&A with author Karen Branan

Author Karen Branan will be discussing her new book, “The Family Tree,” on Wednesday at Flyleaf Books. The book details her extensive research into a long-ignored lynching in Georgia — conducted by her own family. Staff writer Paige Connelly spoke to Branan about how often we look at history through “white-colored glasses.” 

Native American hip hop takes the stage at UNC

For many, hip hop and Native American cultures are not usually closely related.

Q&A with urban design professor Andrew Whittemore

Q&A with planning professor Andrew Whittemore on UNC-Chapel Hill’s Campus

UNC Women's Glee Club harmonizes with high schools

Tonight, high school girls will hit high notes with UNC Women's Glee Club.

At University United Methodist Church, four local high school girls’ choirs will share the stage with UNC Women's Glee Club in the Carolina Women’s Choral Showcase.

Story of Emmett Till's murder comes to UNC


In 1955, a 14-year-old teenager was brutally murdered. Sixty years later, his story is coming to the Sonja Haynes Stone Center.

Lights, camera, inaction: Lack of a film major at UNC reflected in state


Student filmmaker Stuart Schrader sat in his sophomore media production class, bored, confused and pissed off.

Q&A with Kenan Visiting Writer, Matthew Olzmann

Each year, the creative writing program in the UNC English & Comparative Literature Department selects someone to be the Kenan Visiting Writer. For the 2015-2016 year, the department chose writer Matthew Olzmann. Olzmann will read this afternoon at New West to students, faculty and graduates. Staff writer Rashaan Ayesh spoke to him about his writing, his inspirations and his time at UNC so far

UNC English professors have a fairy tale romance


He was walking down Franklin Street when he saw her.

Dry January fails to gain traction at UNC

UNC students aren't giving Dry January a shot.

The campaign, which promotes a month-long break from alcohol, wants to help people kickstart their new year, both mentally and physically. Its website says people experience a variety of benefits while participating, including better sleep, more energy and weight loss.

CUAB exhibit takes students to death row


UNC students are going to prison.

Holden the Golden takes on his UNC bucket list


UNC’s furriest resident has one semester to finish his UNC Bucket List.

Hill Hall renovations don't address real problems


Hill Hall has one semester of renovations under its belt. Classrooms are gutted, the auditorium is empty and walls are missing. Next fall, the music department anticipates it will be the performance space it has been longing for.

Pit Cypher raps 12.5 hours, breaks world record for longest cypher


Not many people can rap. Even fewer people can rap for 12-and-a-half hours. And only one person can say he created the idea for a Guinness World Record-breaking cypher.

SNL head writer, UNC graduate gives talk at Carroll


Live from Carroll Hall — it’s Bryan Tucker.