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UNC students react: do men eat more pizza when with women?

According to a Cornell study published Nov. 18, men consume almost twice as much pizza when eating with women, compared to eating with other men. 

Jordan Chavis spotlights as DJ of UNC athletics


Jordan Chavis was nervous. He had worked for Red Bull before at non-traditional sporting events, but this was his first time DJing for a specific team — UNC’s football team.

Shooters' owner fed up with disrespectful students

In a moment of frustration, the owner of Shooters Saloon in Durham took to Facebook to express her annoyance with — and ultimately ban — UNC students from the business. 

UNC graduate moves back to NC to write novel


Hollywood screenwriter Leon Capetanos may have graduated from UNC 53 years ago, but he still considers himself a 12-year-old.

UNC and Miami Law grad Lex Jordan plans to drop sixth album this month

UNC graduate and hip-hop artist Lex Jordan — known on stages as Lexicon — has never had an issue distinguishing himself from a crowd.

UNC Global Rhythms Ensemble teaches amateurs, experts

Music professor Juan Álamo’s students march to the beat of their own drums. They’re members of UNC Global Rhythms Ensemble, a group that aims to honor non-European musical traditions in higher education. 

Emmy-winning screenplay writer gives advice to writing for the stage and screen minors


Emmy-winning screenplay writer Norman Steinberg has advice for budding writers — stick with the stereotype and sleep around. 

First-year Olive Fadale navigates a non-neutral campus


First-year Olive Fadale writes for herself.

Memorial Hall hosts humorous, contemporary opera tonight

Hope, Death, Love, Time and Virtue will take the stage tonight at Memorial Hall.

Bob Dylan’s legacy replayed in lecture


Before the lecture, Bob Dylan’s infamous performance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival played on the screen ahead. Nearly everyone mouthed the words to their favorite hits like “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Like a Rolling Stone.” 

Andy Griffith and Don Knotts' relationship told by Knotts' brother-in-law at Bull's Head

Growing up in Chicago, Daniel de Visé watched reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show, ” but after he met his wife, Sophie, at Wesleyan College, he established a much deeper connection to the show.

UNC students start fashion magazine

UNC sophomore Alexandra Hehlen has always had a passion for writing about fashion. When she was in high school, she started writing a fashion column for the teen page of her local newspaper in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Although her column was written for teens, it appealed to people of many ages.

Process Series' 'Eureka!' showcases artistic process of alumni


Homecoming might have been last weekend, but several alumni were back in town on Thursday for a different reason. 

Art department hosts the Undergraduate Student Art Awards

Competition is in the air, and the stakes are high.

UNC and its rivals dance to same tune


If Coach Roy Williams and Duke University men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski are serious about national titles, they should just dance together — or at least that’s how Kamikazi sees it. 

Chapel Hill Public and Cultural Office brings local solar trailer to life this Saturday

The Public and Cultural Arts Office collaborated with local artist Andria Linn to create their newest project that combines art and utility.

Residents of Chapel Hill will start seeing more of the project, a solar trailer, at events such as the holiday parade.

Paupers' "A Chorus Line!" forms a connection beyond the stage

Growing up and becoming the person you dream to be is never easy.

This year will be the 40th anniversary of the Broadway premiere of the show, "A Chorus Line!"

The Pauper Players, a theatrical student organization at UNC, will be putting on their own production of "A Chorus Line!" from Nov.

Music majors sing their way through final exams

Panicked students flip through notes in a last-ditch effort to absorb the material. The only open seat is in the middle of the normally-spacious 400-person lecture hall. That tiny foldable desk is where it happens — the final exam.

Persian Cultural Society offered 1,001 cultural opportunities

The Persian Cultural Society has been serving UNC campus unique cultural diversity for 10 years, and yesterday, they hosted its third annual 1,001 Nights event in the Frank Porter Graham Student Union.

Students advance to national MovieFest competition

Campus MovieFest wrapped up its jury awards on Nov. 4, with four teams advancing to the grand finale over the summer in Atlanta, G.A.

Those who advanced were picked from the top 16 films and judged by a panel including professors, students and local members of the film industry.