Topics: Faculty Athletics Committee

The committee is made up of nine members elected by the voting faculty, chosen from from multiple departments, including English, sociology and political science. The committee works to inform the faculty and advise the chancellor on all issues relating to athletics, including the academic experience of varsity athletics and the general operation of the University’s athletics programs.

The committee works directly with Chancellor Carol Folt and athletic director Bubba Cunningham. 

Faculty Athletics Committee talks absences for basketball season


The Faculty Athletics Committee met Tuesday to discuss students missing classes for the men’s basketball national championship game in Arizona, as well as tutoring resources for student-athletes.

The Faculty Athletics Committee reviews NCAA and ACC meetings


Faculty Athletics Representative Lissa Broome gave an update on the NCAA Annual Convention, and Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham discussed coaches contracts at the Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC) on Tuesday.

Faculty Athletics Committee reviews student-athlete surveys, academic advising


The Faculty Athletics Committee met Tuesday to discuss student-athlete exit interviews and surveys, pending NCAA legislation and student-athlete academic advising.

Faculty Athletics Committee compares UNC athletes to NCAA study

The Faculty Athletics Committee met Tuesday to review student-athlete summer programs, surveys and a study by the NCAA.

Faculty Council discusses sports and classroom inclusivity

What happened?

The second Faculty Council of the academic year met to hear about inclusivity and athletics.

Faculty Athletics Committee reviews recent ACC decision

At the Faculty Athletics Committee meeting on Thursday, members discussed the Atlantic Coast Conference’s recent decision to move championships out of North Carolina due to House Bill 2. Games on college campuses will still be held.

Faculty athletics committee studies patterns of student-athletes

By Jamie Gwaltney

University Editor

In the faculty athletics committee meeting on Tuesday, members reviewed a study on patterns within classes taken by student-athletes.

Faculty Athletics Committee discusses new athletic facilities


At the Faculty Athletics Committee meeting Tuesday, committee members were quick to point out flaws in possible plans for new athletic facilities. 

Faculty Athletics Committee discusses student-athlete time management


The Faculty Athletics Committee talked about how to help student-athletes with time management at its listening session on Wednesday

Folt explains new snow day policy at Faculty Council

At Friday afternoon’s Faculty Council meeting, three resolutions passed their first read and presenters and members discussed a range of campus issues, including ethics and snow.


Three resolutions unanimously passed their first read at Friday’s meeting, which means they will remain on the calendar for their second read at the next Faculty Council meeting.

Faculty discuss resolutions and solutions to support student athletes


Time was of the essence at a Faculty Athletic Committee meeting on Tuesday, as members discussed a resolution that will be voted on at the NCAA Annual Convention on Friday.

Faculty Athletics Committee talks Mizzou at listening session

Only two faculty members attended the Faculty Athletics Committee’s listening session Wednesday, but the committee still led a discussion about the potential impact of student-athletes refusing to play as a form of protest. 

Student-athletes’ time commitments in question

In a meeting on Tuesday, the Faculty Athletics Committee expressed concern about finding ways for student-athletes to manage their time.

Faculty Athletics Committee talks student-athlete admissions

The Faculty Athletics Committee discussed student-athlete admissions in a joint meeting with the Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions Tuesday afternoon.

Faculty Athletics Committee opposes new athletic task force

The Faculty Athletics Committee has voiced dissent against a resolution proposed by the Faculty Council to create an ad hoc committee that would investigate how the changing climate of college athletics around the nation affects UNC.

Faculty Executive Committee consider new athletics task force

The Faculty Executive Committee said there needs to be a task force assigned to protect the University’s academic integrity and the academic interests of athletes at a meeting on Monday.

NOA response focus of Faculty Athletics Committee

Bubba Cunningham had to think about every single word of his presentation to the Faculty Athletics Committee Thursday.

Committee to monitor athletes’ time commitment

The Faculty Athletics Committee plans to collect time commitment data in order to figure out if there are factors that preclude athletes from choosing a specific major. 

Faculty Athletics Committee discusses athletes’ cases


The Faculty Athletics Committee spent half of its Tuesday meeting in closed session, as the members discussed specific student-athletes’ cases.

Academic advising, transfer rules dominate committee meeting

Academic advising at UNC is evaluating support services provided to student-athletes.