Topics: Sexual Assault

In December 2012, two UNC female victims of sexual assault spoke up about what they said was a deeply rooted problem with the University’s handling of sexual misconduct — one that they said was inappropriate, time-consuming and traumatic. Those allegations drove three current students, one former student and one former administrator to file a complaint against the University with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, alleging that UNC facilitated a hostile environment for victims reporting sexual assault. 

To help bring the University into compliance with the Department of Education’s “Dear Colleague” letter, the University has also hired Ew Quimbaya-Winship to serve as UNC’s Deputy Title IX Officer, or student complaint coordinator, starting March 11, 2013.

The University's Sexual Assault Task Force convenes for the first time in May 2013 to address changing the University's misconduct policies related to sexual assault.

On Aug. 28, 2014, the University released its new policy on discrimination, harassment and related misconduct

Lawyer for Allen Artis says he 'cannot possibly get a fair hearing' through Title IX


UNC football player Allen Artis repeated the phrase “I did not rape her” five times Thursday outside the Orange County Courthouse.

'Compassion, fatigue and vicarious trauma': Sexual assault nurses treat the physical and the emotional


Koren Garrity was ready to move on. 

Two years after changes, Title IX policy has gaps in implementation


Her life was stuck for a year.

R., a survivor who wishes to remain anonymous, reported her sexual assault case to UNC’s Title IX office and did not get a resolution until almost a year later.

Protest highlighted survivors' voices


Shouts of “justice delayed is justice denied” and “students safety before reputation” were heard down Franklin Street as students and community members gathered for a Standing with Survivors Rally at the Peace and Justice Plaza Friday evening.

UNC football player responds after being suspended from team with assault, sexual battery charges

UNC football player Allen Artis responded through his lawyer Friday afternoon after he was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female and sexual battery earlier this week.

UNC football players react to charges against Allen Artis

North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora said the team is treating the indefinite suspension of junior linebacker Allen Artis like any other absence.

Letter from Delaney Robinson's lawyer said UNC violated its own Title IX policy

One day after sophomore Delaney Robinson and her lawyer announced their intent to pursue self-sworn misdemeanor charges against UNC football player Allen Artis, he turned himself in.

Delaney Robinson says UNC, Orange County DA failed her in rape case

On Valentine’s Day 2016, current sophomore Delaney Robinson said she survived a sexual assault in Ram Village

Sophomore says she was raped by UNC football player in February


UNC sophomore Delaney Robinson says she was sexually assaulted by a UNC football player in Ram Village in February.

Injury Prevention Center receives $2 million for rape prevention research

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded UNC’s Injury Prevention Center a four-year, $1.79 million grant to evaluate the effectiveness of a rape education prevention program called Wise Guys: the Next Level. 

Reporting assault: New policy and open campus conversation encourage survivors to speak up

Nearly four years after UNC came under fire for mishandling sexual assault cases and two years after the University responded with a new reporting policy, UNC officials say conversations about sexual assault are more open — and the numbers appear to support that.

Kansas State lawsuit sparks conversation about off-campus sexual assault

The effects of two Kansas State University students’ sexual assault lawsuits are stretching nationwide — reigniting issues of sexual assault in Greek life.

Orange County Rape Crisis Center plans events to raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Today, one in five women experience sexual assault or rape in their lifetime. The Orange County Rape Crisis Center has organized a series of events throughout April — Sexual Assault Awareness Month — to raise awareness for sexual violence and to create a safe space for survivors to share their stories.

Greek groups host discussion about sexual assault at "It's On Us"


Hundreds stood outside of the Campus Y Thursday as Lauren Debski recalled her experience of sexual assault.

Fraternities and sororities team up to combat sexual assault at UNC

Greek organizations are bringing the national “It’s On Us” campaign to Chapel Hill to raise money and awareness for sexual assault for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center. 

Curling for a cause: Greek groups team up to combat sexual violence


A group of students will be lifting weights in the Pit for a few hours a day until Friday to fight sexual assault on college campuses.

Duke under investigation for Title IX complaint

Duke University is joining more than a hundred universities nationwide to be investigated for mishandling sexual assault cases on campus, according to a Title IX complaint made public this month.

Gender Violence Prevention Task Force talks faculty social norms

On Wednesday, about 20 faculty, staff and students sat in the Carolina Union's upper level to discuss recommendations for the Gender Violence Prevention Task Force's report, but the conversation turned to discussing norms and problems faculty members encounter.

Title IX programs increase costs

A wave of gender discrimination regulations in the last year has forced UNC-system schools to rapidly rework their policies and expand staff — a cost schools have incurred without assistance.

Delta Advocates play a supportive role within sororities


The Greek community is increasing sexual assault awareness by expanding the Delta Advocate program to include the Greek Alliance Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.