Sexual Assault


In December 2012, two UNC female victims of sexual assault spoke up about what they said was a deeply rooted problem with the University’s handling of sexual misconduct — one that they said was inappropriate, time-consuming and traumatic.

Those allegations drove three current students, one former student and one former administrator to file a complaint against the University with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, alleging that UNC facilitated a hostile environment for victims reporting sexual assault.

The complaint, which was obtained by The Daily Tar Heel, is centrally concerned with the way the University treats victims of sexual assault. The 34-page document also features allegations that the Office of University Counsel pressured Melinda Manning, former assistant dean of students, to underreport cases of sexual assault.

The University, though limited in its response because UNC has not yet received the complaint, countered Manning’s accusations. Administrators claimed that the University actually reported more cases of sexual assault than Manning submitted to the University Counsel’s office.

These accusations by sexual assault victims have since sparked a widespread conversation about the way sexual assault is handled on campus. The University has hired Gina Maisto Smith, a national consultant and expert on sexual assault.

To help bring the University into compliance with the Department of Education’s “Dear Colleague” letter, the University has also hired Ew Quimbaya-Winship to serve as UNC’s Deputy Title IX Officer, or student complaint coordinator, starting March 11.

UNC's new policy explains sanctions for sexual assault


UNC students have never been told what “yes” is.

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The University released an updated sexual assault policy Thursday. Senior writers Bob Bryan and Carolyn Ebeling answer some of the most important questions about the policy and how it differs from the one UNC used previously.

UNC releases new sexual assault policy

UNC released its new policy on discrimination, harassment and related misconduct — such as sexual assault — today.

UNC creates sexual assault position, focuses on listening, not reporting

For the first time at UNC, students have a specially trained counselor to turn to for confidential advising after experiencing sexual assault.

Folt: Sexual assault report coming this week


Faculty Chairman Bruce Cairns was dressed for the occasion. 

Sexual assault policy not yet updated

Today students will have classes and assignments — but still no updated sexual assault policy.

BOG unveils first-of-its-kind campus security report

The final report of a UNC-system campus security initiative was unveiled Thursday at the Board of Governors meeting in Chapel Hill.

US Senate releases survey, finds weak sexual assault policies on college campuses

On the heels of a national push to address sexual violence on college campuses, UNC is set to implement its new sexual assault policy for the fall semester.

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Andrea Pino is ready to move on from UNC, but she won’t move on from the movement she started.

Sexual assault task force says it’s close to conclusion

More than a year after the University was accused of mishandling sexual assault, students are still without a revised sexual assault policy.

Federal officials visiting NC Central, other campuses to address sexual assault

When top officials from the Obama administration tour the country to raise awareness of campus sexual assault, North Carolina is the first stop on the list.

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Stalking, domestic violence and dating violence are about to see increased attention from the University.

College rape cases hard to prosecute

Every time a sexual assault case comes across his desk from UNC, Jim Woodall really has to think about the definition of consent.

More student groups push for men to get involved in gender violence prevention


The sound of hundreds of heels on the brick walkways of Polk Place preluded a serious conversation about interpersonal violence prevention last Thursday.

Students can come to college without understanding of consent


UNC freshman Matt Wotus graduated high school without ever having had a formal lesson about consent to sexual activity.

Department of Education on campus investigating UNC's handling of sexual assault

U.S. Department of Education investigators have arrived on campus, looking for student input as part of an inquiry into UNC’s handling sexual assault.

New draft of UNC's sexual assault policy criticized by task force

The Sexual Assault Task Force met Wednesday to revise the most recent draft of the University’s new sexual assault policy.

Assault sanction talks progress, task force suggests punishments be open-ended

UNC’s Sexual Assault Task Force is moving forward in deciding the types of punishments to give offenders.

Sexual assault task force talks sanctions

As members of the Sexual Assault Task Force begin their discussion of sanctioning — the latest phase of policy reconstruction — they’ve amped up their meeting frequency.

UNC faculty often untrained on student mental health

Though conversation surrounding sexual assault and mental illness at UNC has increased during the last year, there is still no required training on the subjects for faculty and staff members.