Topics: Sexual Assault

In December 2012, two UNC female victims of sexual assault spoke up about what they said was a deeply rooted problem with the University’s handling of sexual misconduct — one that they said was inappropriate, time-consuming and traumatic. Those allegations drove three current students, one former student and one former administrator to file a complaint against the University with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, alleging that UNC facilitated a hostile environment for victims reporting sexual assault. 

To help bring the University into compliance with the Department of Education’s “Dear Colleague” letter, the University has also hired Ew Quimbaya-Winship to serve as UNC’s Deputy Title IX Officer, or student complaint coordinator, starting March 11, 2013.

The University's Sexual Assault Task Force convenes for the first time in May 2013 to address changing the University's misconduct policies related to sexual assault.

On Aug. 28, 2014, the University released its new policy on discrimination, harassment and related misconduct

Armed with dated rules, sororities struggle to battle sexual assault

Samantha Robertson joined a sorority because she wanted to be part of an organization that existed to serve women.

UNC community has mixed opinions on sexual assault modules

As someone actively involved in preventing sexual harassment on campus, junior Nabil Lachgar was disappointed when he realized the ease with which students could complete UNC’s newly required sexual assault training modules.

Sexual assault survey faces criticism

Despite protests from professors nationwide, the Association of American Universities is moving forward with a survey on campuses’ sexual assault climate — and UNC might be among the participants. 

Title IX Coordinator Howard Kallem leaving

Less than a year after joining UNC as Title IX coordinator, Howard Kallem is leaving for a similar position at Duke University.

Forgotten rape leaves a broken mother in Chapel Hill


In November 2004, Chelsea Barnes wrote a chilling poem.

Data shows prosecutors ignore campus assault


Five sexual misconduct cases were sanctioned for violating the University’s sexual assault and discrimination policy between August 2012 and August 2014.

UNC student-athletes take "It's On Us" pledge

For UNC student-athletes who have taken the pledge, it’s on them to end sexual assault and interpersonal violence.

Ed Purchase keeps track of major crimes on campus


UNC, still in the midst of three federal investigations for charges of mishandling sexual assault reports and statistics, now has a man dedicated to getting them right.

UNC releases violence, stalking statistics required by Violence Against Women Act

For the first time ever, college campuses across the country have begun to record instances of stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.

UNC one of 86 universities under investigation for sexual violence


Throughout 2014, students and national leaders, alike, have been pushing for a new social norm — that combating sexual violence is everybody's responsibility.

NC abortion law returns to federal court

A provision of a 2011 state law requiring doctors to display and explain ultrasounds to women prior to performing an abortion has returned to court.

Abuse survivors turn to crafting for art therapy

For some survivors of domestic and sexual violence, all it takes to help heal is a collage canvas, a string of beads or a palette of paint.

Affirmative consent as state law in California

As UNC and other campuses nationwide engage in sexual assault policymaking efforts, California has become the first state to enact a new consent standard for colleges and universities in hopes of changing the culture surrounding sexual violence.

Students to ‘speak out’ about sexual assault today

About one month after the University released its new sexual assault policy, members of Project Dinah will gather in the Pit to read aloud anonymous testimonials from survivors of sexual violence.

Author Ashley Warner talks sexual violence


For survivors of sexual violence, author Ashley Warner has a message: Don’t bottle it up.

UNC looks to dismiss student's lawsuit

The University is trying to toss out the latest legal investigation into its handling of sexual assault.

Faculty online Title IX training expected to go live in a few days

As the national conversation about sexual assault on college campuses continues, Provost Jim Dean told faculty Monday that their newly-required online Title IX training will go live in a few days. 

Sexual assault crusade begins at federal level

The White House launched the “It’s On Us” campaign Friday, a public awareness initiative to end sexual assault on college campuses — and officials touted the effort on Monday during a call with college media.

Roundup of trainings around campus: Sept. 18, 2014

Helping Advocates for Violence Ending Now, or HAVEN, is a campus organization that educates students on sexual and interpersonal violence.

DJ organizes silent bar protest


Students used silence to make some noise with Chapel Hill bars Tuesday night.