Silent Sam's Wake

Today’s Tar Heels need to consciously build understanding with one another for a civilized community to survive this event, as it cuts to the core of a racial and historical identity divide. 

Silent Sam Monument

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Column: Dispelling Silent Sam Myths

Silent Sam has been commanding the attention of students, faculty and lawmakers as one of the hot-button issues still to be resolved. Here's a quick breakdown of the controversy so far. 

Silent Sam was toppled by demonstrators on Aug. 20. 

Silent Sam toppled in protest the night before classes begin

After decades of racial tension, the Silent Sam monument was forcibly pulled down Monday night by demonstrators. At around 9:30 p.m., a group of an estimated 250 students, faculty and community members convened on the statue and began to pull it down using ropes. The statue toppled and students began to cover the head in dirt and mulch. 

Silent Sam, a Confederate monument on campus, was defaced with red paint on Monday afternoon.

We talked to Maya Little about protesting Silent Sam and her arrest Monday

"It affects me, and it affects a lot of people I know, and it affects my community. It affects Black students, Black faculty members and Black community members on this campus. It continues to affect them (in) the many ways in which Black people on this campus are abused, the way that Black athletes are exploited for the Tar Heel brand, the way in which our faces are plastered all over the Carolina for All Campaign when the University doesn’t want to remove a statue that is against our very existence as Black people on this campus."