Maeve Sheehey


Hobgood describes how she sees the mind as functioning as a broken camera, one that changes how we remember spaces and memories. She says she sometimes uses a toy camera to take photographs to challenge the perception that photographs taken from toy cameras are lesser than those taken by more professional ones.

Art at UNC attracts female students, but industry remains perceived as male-dominated

The art world may be perceived as feminine, but historically it has actually been male-dominated. The 'flowery,' 'girly' sphere occupied by women in liberal arts today is highly misunderstood.  At UNC, considered a research university, male students still outnumber women in programs such as business and law, but women currently outnumber men in the College of Arts and Sciences, which houses many fine arts programs. The discrepancy between the significance of contributions people think women make compared to men is not a new phenomenon, but it's certainly in need of remediation.