3/5/2018 9:28pm

Graphic courtesy of James Markham

UNC professors create graphic book to help simplify the prison system

"The idea of a graphic novel, to me, seemed perfect for this new generation of people that are coming into our system in adult correction,” said Shane Tharrington, North Carolina Department of Public Safety employee who helped with the book.  The state prison system can be complex, but a professor in UNC's School of Government created an educational graphic novel featuring illustrations and diagrams to simplify the incarceration process for accused young people entering the system.

3/1/2018 10:13pm

UNC students participate in a self-portrait drawing activity at the Love Your Body event in the Student Union on Thursday night.

'Love Your Body' explores body positivity, combats social beauty standards

“I think on campuses we compete a lot with each other, and it’s really easy to kinda get caught up comparing yourself,” said junior Aryana Ainolhayat.  Love Your Body attendees celebrate their bodies by sharing their experiences with the dreaded freshman 15 and struggles in accepting their bodies in light of media representation.

2/28/2018 10:32pm

The Daily Tar Heel will receive student government funding to reimburse reporter travel

The Daily Tar Heel was approved to receive funding from student fees to cover travel expenses. The DTH stopped receiving funding from the University in 1993, to avoid a conflict of interest.  “Since we’re serving the University with our sports coverage, we’re serving our students that way. We think it’s fair that we ask for some money to cover that,” said Matt Queen, president of the DTH Board of Directors.