Topics: Study Abroad

UNC offers over 320 programs in 70 countries to provide a diverse education for students. While abroad, students can earn between 12 and 18 credits per semester to fulfill graduation requirements. They can remain enrolled at UNC while abroad. Expenses vary by program and many times scholarships are available. 

Students feel the Tar Heel spirit in Spain


SEVILLA, SPAIN — In the aptly named Phoenix Pub, 38 Tar Heels sat and waited.

UNC students nearby during London attack Wednesday afternoon

UNC students in London found themselves in the midst of an attack Wednesday afternoon.

EU proposes limiting free visa travel for US citizens, which could affect students studying abroad


Visa-free travel for U.S. citizens traveling in the European Union could be subject to change after the European Parliament passed a new measure Thursday.

The Meantime gives first donation to program for sophomores to take gap years


The Meantime Coffee Co. has been serving coffee in the Campus Y since September, but now it's offering something else for students. 

Ballin' in Brisbane: My semester abroad


How do you explain Carolina basketball to someone who has no idea what a Tar Heel is? 

Studying abroad: Australia’s going to be scary but great

Hi, I’m Callie and I’m moving across the world. Not forever, just for a few months.

Life in London: the best day of my life at the Jane Austen Centre


It is universally thought that a single woman in possession of a romantic nature must be a huge Jane Austen fan.

Life in London: blogging through time studying abroad


Let me just start by admitting that I brought way too many clothes. Am I one of those high-maintenance girls who needs three suitcases? Of course not. It was only two, OK?

UNC graduate uses award to create study abroad experiences for Marines


UNC graduate and current marine Adam Schaffernoth received $10,000 from the Phillips Ambassador Alumni Award to develop a homestay experience in Japan for five marines currently stationed there with Schaffernoth.

Study abroad office is available 24/7 for students' emergencies

The terrorist attack in Paris in 2015 is still a strong memory for Bob Miles, associate dean of study abroad and international exchanges.

Study abroad students have to register their location for safety

Senior Kacey Newman was at the Eiffel Tower during the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

Resources limited for students arrested abroad

The recent arrest and sentencing of a University of Virginia student in North Korea has raised concern about resources available to students who get in legal trouble abroad.

Back to reality: readjusting after study abroad

Like anything at UNC, studying abroad comes with its own set of challenges. For many, the challenge arises when students return to the U.S. and begin to readjust to life on campus.

Study abroad initiative sets sail at more than 350 colleges, universities

Over 350 American universities and colleges have already committed to the Generation Study Abroad initiative and the number is growing—but UNC-CH has not.

Student, alumni photos on show at Global Center


UNC’s FedEx Global Education Center is known for showing people different views of the world — but with a new photography exhibition, the center is learning from the lenses of UNC students and alumni.

International students increasing in US, at UNC


The number of international students in the U.S. is at an all-time high — and with 886,052 international students at U.S. schools during the 2013-14 academic year, the U.S. now hosts more foreign students than any other country.

Carrboro High School revamps international studies program


When UNC freshman Eliza Filene was at Carrboro High School, her involvement in the Academy of International Studies took her from Carrboro to Decatur, Ill., to Haiti — and due to the redevelopment of the program this year, more Carrboro students will be following in Filene’s footsteps.

UNC study abroad office would welcome new safety legislation

Three U.S. senators wrote a letter to secretary of education Arne Duncan urging his department to push for new legislation standardizing safety and reporting practices for both K-12 and university study abroad programs.

Chapel Hill lures international students

The Chapel Hill-Durham area ranks among the top 20 U.S. cities for its number of international students — and at UNC, it’s the business school that’s proving to be the biggest attraction.

UNC provides home for international students studying abroad


International students who come to Chapel Hill are as excited to come as UNC students are to go abroad.