Topics: The Racial and Ethnic Minorities Issue

The Special Projects and Investigations team published this issue on Feb. 5, 2015.

White House annual HBCU summit sees lower attendance

The White House hosted its annual summit for leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities Monday as part of National HBCU Week.

Over 30 years later, minorities underrepresented at top US universities


Minority representation in the nation’s top universities has declined in the last 35 years despite affirmative action, according to a New York Times analysis.

Nearly a year after Matthew, hurricanes hit close to home ... again


 In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, North Carolina continues to feel the effects of Hurricane Matthew.  

Opinion: Conversations make policing better

Getting pulled over by the police is one of the scariest things that can happen for too many people.

LEGO announces first female space figures


LEGO announced last week that it will create its first female space figures, celebrating women who have played important roles in the history of NASA. 

Charlotte's poorest residents segregated in schooling, housing and opportunity

The city of Charlotte is considered an economic powerhouse — but studies show its success is divided along racial lines. 

Study shows underrepresentation of minorities

Not a single state legislature in the United States accurately reflects the Asian-American and Latino populations it governs, according to a report by the New American Leaders Project. 

UNC-system sees increase in minority enrollment

The UNC system has seen an increase in overall enrollment this year — entirely due to a boost in minority enrollees.

Minority Health Conference still holds keynote, cancels other talks due snow

When roads turned icy and traveling became dangerous on Friday, most scheduled events, from classes to meetings, were cancelled. But the Minority Health Conference came up with a quick alternative.

Black students suspended five times the rate of white students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools


Simon Lee was relaxing on a bench outside Chapel Hill High School’s library. He says he wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary — he was gossiping, joking with friends before his free period. Nothing he should have been disciplined for. 

Research, apps address police bias

As police bias becomes better documented by the U.S. Department of Justice and other agencies, experts and activists are developing research projects and providing resources that better address the faults of the justice system. The following is a roundup of some of that work. 

Graduation rates of student body vs. black male athletes


Undocumented students face burdens when paying for school


So far, Jose has defied the odds.

Column: The time a mostly white newspaper tackled a race issue


Sometimes, I wish our readers could be in the office when we’re making our decisions.

Column: Creating better spaces for conversations about race

The label of “Asian-American” fails to encapsulate the diversity of the groups it is supposed to represent. As a result, we have been represented as a monolithic group of quiet, hardworking people, which serves to keep us wedged somewhere between other groups of color.

Campus Commentary: Does UNC adequately support students of color?

The Daily Tar Heel’s editorial board posed the following question to several campus leaders who are also students of color: Does UNC adequately support students of color? If not, how can it facilitate their success? Below are the responses of four of those students, edited for length and clarity.