Looking to celebrate? There's a national day for that

Although it seems there is a different holiday being celebrated every day, there are only 10 national holidays recognized by the United States federal government. Holly McGuire, a senior editor at Chase’s Calendar of Events, said it is more accurate to refer to these celebrations as national days. In 1958, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave Chase's the authority to register national holidays. Chase's is an almanac for information like holidays, special events and historical anniversaries, and anyone can submit a suggestion for a national day. McGuire said there are not strict criteria in order to establish a national day with Chase’s, but there are several aspects the company looks for. It is important that the person suggesting the holiday has a plan, has demonstrated commitment and has a reason for establishing the day, she said. For example, if it is a medical day, Chase's prefers that the appropriate nonprofit organization sponsor or be in support of it.

What's happening with the Russia investigation?

The investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia saw its first indictments last week, and unsealed documents revealed another member of the team pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI in early October.

Students practice chants in the quad before the protest Monday.

Why are students protesting Wendy's?

Carolina Advocating for Gender Equity and Students United for Immigrant Equality co-hosted the “Boot the Braids” Wendy's protest on campus Monday. The protest stemmed from the fast food chain's refusal to join the Fair Food Program.