10/8/2018 9:42pm

Tran Nguyen is a first-year student at UNC.

Word on the Street: Are you voting in the midterms?

With the 2018 midterm elections fast approaching, many UNC students are eager to exercise their right to vote. Others aren't. Staff writer Lyell McMerty asked UNC students around campus, "Are you planning on voting in the midterm elections? If so, what issues concern you the most? If not, why not?"

10/3/2018 10:37pm

Photo courtesy of MSA President Hamza Baloch

Muslim Students Association receives hate mail

When Amira Mustafa, the UNC Muslim Students Association (MSA) community service chairperson, saw the contents of an envelope addressed to the MSA on Sept. 18, she wasn't fazed. Inside the envelope was a collection of small comic booklets espousing several negative stereotypes about Muslims. Mustafa said that in a way, this is something to be expected. But still, the specific ignorance caught her off guard. “People have a hard time accepting that Muslims can be American, too, and that a lot of us are, in fact, American," Mustafa said.

10/1/2018 8:54pm

Acupuncture takes place in the physical therapy clinic of the James A. Taylor building.

Acupuncture is now practiced at Campus Health Services

Campus Health Services has a new way to solve your under-the-weather feeling of "pins and needles." The solution is... pins and needles! Acupuncture is a great way to relieve the stress from midterms and benefit your mental health, so Campus Health hopes you'll keep this innovative option in mind.