2/20/2020 10:04pm

UNC seniors Emily Shaljian, Ross DiBetta and Molly Crosswell are hoping to go on the biennial challenge, "Red Bull Can You Make It," set in early May.  The competition flies selected teams to one of five cities in Europe. From there, each team must travel to Berlin without money or personal phones. For seven days, they are reliant solely on 24 cans of Red Bull as currency. 

UNC seniors hope to travel to Berlin, armed with only 24 Red Bulls

A week-long trip traveling throughout Europe in the summer sure sounds lovely. But what if you had seven days to travel to Berlin without money or personal phones, and could only use 24 cans of Red Bull as currency? Meet the UNC seniors hoping to participate in the "Red Bull Can You Make It?" competition.

2/18/2020 11:05pm

DTH Photo Illustration. President Trump signed Executive Order 13856 on Thursday, March 21, 2019 allowing the government to withhold research funding from colleges and universities that fail to protect free speech. Trump emphasized this measure as being for those "challenging rigid, far-left ideology."

Free expression survey found UNC students are self-censoring their beliefs in class

A recent report conducted by political science professor Timothy Ryan, English and comparative literature professor Jennifer Larson and business professor Mark McNeilly, studied free expression and constructive dialogue at UNC. The report had many findings — one being that a significant undergraduate students across the political spectrum self-censor in class.  The study also looked at social media, with a question about whether students were concerned someone would post critical comments about them on social media if they stated their sincere political views. Junior Ali Montavon, co-president of UNC Young Independents, said social media is something "changes the game" for politics on campus.