8/30/2020 11:11pm

'It was just desolate': Life inside UNC's quarantine and isolation dorms

'It was just desolate': Life inside UNC's quarantine and isolation dorms

The Roadmap for Fall 2020 set aside Parker Residence Hall for isolation for students who tested positive for COVID-19, and Craige North Residence Hall to quarantine students who might have been exposed. As of Aug. 27, the isolation dorm is at 70 percent capacity while the quarantine dorm is at 64.1 percent. "It was a little hard because I was like, ‘Am I being forgotten about? Am I really valued?’ Yeah, they drop off food, but that’s it," first-year Lexi Freas said. First-year Erica Bass only heard from the University when she had specific questions. First-year Lilly Thurmond got tested off campus, and it took three days to get in touch with Campus Health.

8/27/2020 7:33pm

DTH Photo Illustration. With online classes forcing unfamiliar working habits and adding a new level of stress, UNC hopes a switch to a pass/fail option for all undergraduate classes will ease that stress.

University extends pass/fail option for the fall semester, suspends Dean's list

The University expanded its pass/fail option for all undergraduate courses as an alternative to earning a letter grade for the Fall 2020 semester. Students have until Nov. 17, the last day of classes this semester, to elect the option for a course. Courses will receive one of three grades: pass, low pass or fail. Grades of C-, D+ or D will be converted to a Low Pass and cannot be used for graduation requirements, according to the message. Because of the shift in grading policies, the University will suspend the Dean’s List and the class rank for the fall semester.

8/26/2020 1:49am

A DTH Photo Illustration. A row of dominoes falls over one by one.

UNC ignites ‘domino effect’ for universities across the country to move classes online

It’s been about a week since UNC-Chapel Hill announced undergraduate classes would go online after reporting several COVID-19 clusters. Since then, colleges and universities across the country have either delayed the start of in-person classes or moved the fall semester entirely online after reporting similar cases. “UNC was the first domino — the very first domino to fall,” said Bryan Alexander, a higher-ed thinker and futurist who teaches graduate seminars at Georgetown University. “When we saw UNC fall off the map, it was very much, ‘When is this going to happen to us?'” Michael Dugan, a student senator for Dillon Hall at Notre Dame, said.  “A lot of students are just prepared to pack up and leave if need be,” said Thomas Shults, a broadcast and digital journalism senior at Syracuse who is living off campus this semester.