11/21/2019 10:32pm

DTH Photo Illustration. Many students have been selling their tickets to home football and basketball games on Facebook groups, which is against the University's Honor Code. 

Here's why some students violate the Honor Code to attend UNC athletic games

It's no secret that many students have violated Honor Code in order to attend a sports game. But who's to blame? The students or the lottery system? Since the football ticket system became a lottery, the issue has gotten more complicated. Some students buy and sell football tickets as a way to make money, but this can make it expensive for student fans to see big games.  Policies such as first come, first serve have been suggested as solutions to the issue, using Duke University's ticket system as an example. Gerry Lajoie, senior assistant director of athletics and ticket operations, said he suggests students wait in the standby line if they can't get tickets. 

11/19/2019 2:51am

The Old Well, a popular UNC monument, pictured on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. 

'Blistering': UNC faces fines after federal safety, crime reporting violations

Nearly seven years after its investigation began, the U.S. Department of Education stated in a final program review report that UNC acted in violation of federal laws on campus safety and crime information throughout the department's review period while demonstrating a lack of administrative capability that “remains a matter of serious concern for the department.” Clery Act expert S. Daniel Carter told The Daily Tar Heel that the University is "certainly looking at six figures" in federal fines, and he called the department's description of UNC's administrative issues “one of the most blistering I’ve read in many years."