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Thursday March 30th


DTH Photo Illustration. A UNC student reads a Bible on campus.

Column: Keeping the faith through religion

"I started to think that religion, all types of religion, is humanity’s attempt to keep the faith. So many of us need to believe that life isn’t random, and religion provides us with rituals and stories to help us keep believing that. Religion helps us keep the faith."

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DTH photo illustration. Various examples loosely based on real Parents Helping Parents (unaffiliated) Facebook Mom posts.

Column: In memory of the UNC Parents Helping Parents Facebook group

"The UNC-CH Parents Helping Parents Facebook group is made up of 4,800 concerned Tar Heel moms, full of critiques and comments about everything from their child's wake-up routine to the inner workings of the UNC Board of Governors. After months of closely studying this group, we have found numerous posts so significant it would be a detriment to the UNC community not to share them." 

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Many students face frustration as they register for Spring 2022 classes on ConnectCarolina.

Column: Course registration remains a frustrating process for UNC students

Changes to course registration sound promising on paper, but UNC’s failure to implement meaningful and systematic changes to how students enroll in courses leaves many confused and without the credits they need for the spring. With registration season coming to an end, it is clear the evaluation of high-demand courses was not a priority.  In order to further address these glaring problems with registration, UNC needs to focus on retaining faculty just as much as it works to allocate faculty. Departmental growth is not sustainable if professors feel their work is more meaningful at other institutions. 

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DTH Photo Illustration. The Harder They Fall (2021) is a new Netflix film that falls into Holleywood’s pattern of colorism. Pictured is Zazie Beetz, an actress from the movie that is centralized in this conversation.

Column: 'The Harder They Fall' doesn't quite get it right

"'The Harder They Fall' is a great movie that highlights an important and underrepresented part of our country’s history. We should be able to celebrate this piece of art while remaining critical of its flaws, especially those that play into harmful trends of colorism and fatphobia in representation that plague the industry."

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DTH Photo Illustration. A student logs into their ConnectCarolina portal.

Column: ConnectCarolina is cool and retro

"If you’re feeling nostalgic for the past, don’t open your closet — open your computer. ConnectCarolina will be waiting for you, as always, with its dated icons and buffering student center, just hoping that you will be the next student who fails to find the Tar Heel Tracker, yearning for the moment that you give up on Chrome and head to Firefox in the hopes that something, anything, will make this website work." 

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The Duke University Chapel on Duke’s West Campus, as photographed in 2017, serves as a symbol of the university.

Column: UNC's settlement distribution from antitrust lawsuit reflects inequity in higher ed

In August, a federal judge approved a $19 million settlement between thousands of faculty members at UNC and Duke to resolve a class-action lawsuit asserting that the two universities colluded not to steal faculty from each other. Duke and UNC allegedly held a “no-poach understanding” that reached back decades. Essentially, each university promised not to steal professors and faculty members from the other. This agreement violates state and federal antitrust laws. Neither Duke nor UNC-Chapel Hill admitted any wrongdoing in the settlements of either lawsuit. 

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A single-family home next to an apartment complex in the Cameron-McCauley Historic District is pictured on Oct. 29.

Column: The blight of historic preservation

"While keeping a standard as intricate as Chapel Hill’s historic district would render new projects unattractive to developers, maintaining some sort of form-based code while also allowing denser development could open the door to more affordable housing. By loosening some of our town’s zoning regulations and historic preservation restrictions, we can have a middle ground between gigantic apartment complexes and small, single-family homes."

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