3/11/2012 4:10pm

Animal center waste worries residents

An Orange County nonprofit has formally appealed the University’s plan to modify its animal research facility, citing concerns about the facility’s environmental record. Preserve Rural Orange is appealing UNC’s effort to consolidate the facility’s wastewater treatment plant following the 2009 finding that some wastewater had leaked into Collins Creek.

2/28/2012 4:29pm

Food trucks can apply for licenses March 1

Rob Garner planned to sell sausages wrapped in French bread out of his food truck, Baguettaboutit, on the streets of Chapel Hill as early as Thursday. But after the town announced last week that they would not begin accepting applications from food trucks until Thursday, Garner will now have to wait a bit longer.

2/16/2012 4:13pm


UNC planning largest fundraising campaign ever

With declining state support and another year of budget cuts looming, administrators have begun planning for the University’s largest fundraising campaign ever. The University will roll out the project within the next two and a half years, aiming to generate more than $2.38 billion dollars during a span of eight years, said Matt Kupec, vice chancellor for University advancement.

12/5/2011 4:25pm

UNC debates 'Meatless Mondays' plan

UNC students are trying to save some of the 83 to 100 animals most people consume each year. Eleni Vlachos, a local advocate for veganism who has been using that statistic to education people nationwide, is helping students expand vegan and vegetarian menu items at campus dining halls. If Carolina Dining Services approves a proposal drafted by students, all Mondays would be designated as “Meatless Mondays.” Biology major Brandon Hays presented the student proposal to dining services Monday. The proposal follows a recent national trend to promote veganism and vegetarianism on college campuses, including East Carolina University and Davidson College, said Vlachos, who is also a community relations contractor for Duke Medicine. Vlachos recently traveled to universities around the country to promote her documentary on the benefits of veganism. She said some schools went as far as to eliminate meat entirely from Monday menus. UNC’s proposal would not eliminate meat and animal products from the menu on Mondays, Vlachos said.

11/21/2011 6:14pm

The audacity of lunch reform

Congress overcame partisan gridlock for the kids earlier this month, heroically blocking measures that would rob American children of their rights to eat poorly, develop chronic illnesses and die premature deaths. Congress voted down changes proposed by the U.S.

11/10/2011 12:25am

For the first time ever, all Five presidents of the UNC System gathered together on Wednesday night in Memorial Hall. From Left to Right: Thomas W. Ross, Erskine Bowles, Molly Corbett Broad, C.D. Spangler, Jr., William C. Friday, and former North Carolina Governor James. E. Holshouser, Jr.

A look back on legacy

For the past forty years, the UNC system’s 16 universities have upheld the state constitution’s mandate to keep the cost of education affordable.

11/6/2011 4:19pm

BOE victors to face smaller budgets

School board elections happen every two years — but the members elected this Tuesday will have to handle an unprecedented combination of challenges, officials say. Among the seven candidates running are incumbents Mia Day Burroughs, Annetta Streater, Jamezetta Bedford and Mike Kelley. New to the race are James Barrett, Raymond Conrad and Kris Castellano. After Nov. 8, five of them will be added to the seven-person board for four years.