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Thursday October 6th

Faculty And Administration

Medical school professor Roth wins pharmacy award

UNC’s Bryan L. Roth, the Michael J. Hooker Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine, has received the PhRMA Foundation Award in Excellence in Pharmacology/Toxicology. Much of Roth’s research focuses on trying to understand how central nervous system drugs affect the brain’s neurons. The goal is to investigate existing treatments in order to find new treatments and mitigate side effects, particularly for such problems as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder and eating disorders.

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	Ralph Byrns, economics professor, will give his “last lecture” today.

Byrns to give speech tonight

Ralph Byrns became an instant hit when he arrived at UNC’s economics department a decade ago. The beloved professor, who is popularly known for his annual “The Economics of Finding True Love” lecture, is currently teaching his last semester at the University, as he plans to move to Arizona in June to live closer to family as his wife combats illness. After being selected as this year’s Carolina Chiron Award recipient, Byrns was tapped to impart his wisdom through the “Last Lecture” at 6:30 p.m.

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	George Rabinowitz was known for his directional theory of issue voting.

Esteemed professor George Rabinowitz dies at 67

Political science professor George Rabinowitz died Friday from a heart attack in Trondheim, Norway at a bus stop. He was 67. Rabinowitz’s legacy spans more than 40 years of teaching political science classes at the University. He was most prominently known outside UNC for a theory about American political behavior that rejected the status quo.

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Rabinowitz, political science professor, dies in Norway

George Rabinowitz, a political science professor known for his groundbreaking work in the field of American politics, died this weekend from a heart attack. Evelyne Huber, chairwoman of the political science department, was notified Saturday morning of Rabinowitz’s death in an email from his wife, Stuart Macdonald, said John Stephens, a political science professor. Rabinowitz and his wife were in Trondheim, Norway conducting research.

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