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Wednesday March 29th


Letter: Faculty need more places to commune

TO THE EDITOR: William Sturkey (History) argued in a recent Letter to the Editor on Aug. 25 that restricting student access to Anne Queen Commons in the Campus Y was “a gross example of faculty elitism and privilege,” running counter to the recently-established “Guiding Principles” of the College. Indeed. 

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Letter: ​Do not dismiss what you cannot disprove

Steve Kirschner, our Director of Athletic Communications, yesterday admonished the Daily Tar Heel for publishing letters critical of Roy Williams. He argues that their actions “smear the reputation of the coach, program and university.”

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Letter: ​Feeding prisoners is not shameful

I was disappointed to read “The Real Price of Food,” which argues that we should avoid business with UNC’s food service provider because “Aramark supplies food for public and private prisons,” and thus “If you’re against Aramark for their prison involvement,” you should “speak out with your dollars.”

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