10/2/2018 10:15pm

A gender non-specific bathroom sign hangs outside a Campus Y bathroom.

HB2's replacement isn't going anywhere

For the first time, a federal judge stated that HB142, HB2's replacement, does not prevent transgender people from using facilities that match their gender identity on Sunday.

11/20/2017 10:42pm

The UNC LGBTQ Center honors Transgender Day of Remembrance in 2014. Photo by Ani Garrigo.

UNC community recognizes Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance was held around the world on Monday to memorialize the lives of transgender and non-binary individuals who have been murdered because of their identities and to raise awareness regarding high rates of violence against the transgender community. Students and faculty at UNC also took part in the annual observance. 

10/11/2017 10:38pm


Tar Heels share their stories on National Coming Out Day

On this 29th anniversary of National Coming Out Day, coming out still matters. The day, which recognizes those who have publicly disclosed being a member or ally of the LGBTQ community, was first established in 1987 and its significance continues to evolve for UNC students. Staff writer Abby Cantrell asked UNC students to share their stories and advice for those who have not publicly come out.