6/15/2016 11:30pm

Emilio Vicente (right) Winston Crisp (guy in suit) Mark Kleinschmidt Lydia Lavelle

Vigils honored victims of the Orlando shooting

Rainbow flags flew and contemplative words were spoken — both in Spanish and in English — across Chapel Hill this week as communities gathered to commemorate the lives of the 49 people killed by a shooter in an Orlando nightclub.

6/1/2016 5:56pm

UNC system will not enforce HB2

The University of North Carolina system told a federal court Friday it won’t enforce House Bill 2, which would require transgender students to use the restroom which corresponds to the sex on their birth certificates.

5/11/2016 11:30pm

House Bill 2: from a local to a federal issue

With North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory suing the federal Department of Justice on Monday, and the DoJ responding with a countersuit just hours later, it is important to remember how exactly we got here. Here is a timeline of the events which led up to and resulted from the passage of House Bill 2.

4/8/2016 8:25pm

Spellings, Folt come out against House Bill 2

Amidst bathroom sit-ins across UNC-system campuses today in protest of House Bill 2, President Margaret Spellings clarified the universities' responsibility to comply with the controversial law.  Spellings told reporters on a conference call this morning that a memo sent to chancellors April 5 requiring people on university campuses to use multiple-occupancy bathrooms based on their biological sex was only a response to questions from university officials. “It is in no way an endorsement of this law,” Spellings said.