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Opinion: Stick to nukes, Rick

Imagine this: H.R. McMaster, current National Security Adviser and UNC graduate, pens a column in our beloved Daily Tar Heel. In this guest column, McMaster slams the Board of Elections for its continued meddling in the student body president election.

	Chancellor Carol Folt laughs during an interview at the Dean Dome on August 18.

The Friday Interview

Chancellor Carol Folt wants you to know that she is aware of the spotlight shining on UNC right now, and she is ready to take full advantage of it. Folt sees opportunity to become a leader in the greatness of public universities, beyond the scandals and afflictions that have been consuming the University’s image in the press over the past few years. “Everything that happens here is of great interest to everybody, and that’s actually really powerful.

Quickhits for April 25, 2013

Someone hacked the Associated Press’ Twitter account Tuesday and tweeted a tweet untrue about bombs going off in the White House. Do you see now, world?! This is why you should always wait for your trusted daily newspaper to read all the news fit to print 16 hours after everyone’s heard about it.

Quickhits for Nov. 20, 2012

What a tough life. James Michael, Dex, Leslie and the gang had to beg their professors to let them miss classes for a slog out to some isolated rock for the glamour-free tournament.

Students need cultural skills, not just exposure

Though the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs should be commended for its programs that promote embracing differences, it is necessary for students to take the next step and engage with the University’s diverse population outside of scheduled programs.