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9/3/2018 10:49pm

Ramishah Maruf

Viewpoints: Don't even talk about video games

Gun control is easily the most polarized issue in America right now. It’s an issue that’s complex and layered, but if you’re going to debate about it, please bring up points that are relevant to the conversation.

9/2/2018 7:55pm

Editorial: We demand action on the heatwave

It’s hot. So, so hot. Hellishly hot, some might say. Sweat runs down your your back. Your glasses start to slip down your greasy, sweaty nose. You’re a mess. Everyone is appalled.

9/2/2018 7:49pm

Zachary Kosnitzky

Column: UNC's respite of recovery

With 18,523 undergraduate students, we can assume that there are about 1,500-1,800 students who fit some criteria for a substance use disorder. Nearly half of them never seek appropriate treatment. 

8/29/2018 9:46pm

Viewpoints: Memes Connect Carolina

Who knew memes could mean so much more than raunchy laughs?  As I continue my years at Carolina, I hope to contribute to that conversation and dabble in meme creation myself. 

8/29/2018 8:05am

Seth Newkirk

Column: UNC needs greater focus on class diversity

My view of the University is rather simple: the University is a place where those students who are the most talented should go after high school to continue their education. Attempts to create lasting social differences through universities can be better achieved by other means. 

8/26/2018 8:55pm

Guest Op-Ed: Silent Sam from a historian's perspective

"As someone who teaches American military history, I cannot count the number of student-veterans who have expressed dismay to me over the statue and what it represents in their eyes: war against United States and the killing of its military personnel."

8/23/2018 9:34pm

Editorial: UNC should defer rush

Universities across the country are implementing delayed rush policies in an attempt to give first-years time to breathe and establish themselves before committing to Greek life. Perhaps this is a policy UNC would be wise to adopt, as well. 

8/23/2018 9:28pm

Column: Menstruation Frustration

I always like getting back into the mindset of having to juggle the responsibilities of my rigorous course-load with making sure I’m prepared for that treasured time of the month.  

8/22/2018 8:49pm

Guest Column: Pauli Murray and Silent Sam

"UNC has had a long tradition of making African Americans unwelcome on campus. Silent Sam symbolized that desire to keep the school a place for those with considerable privilege."