1/23/2020 8:43pm

Editorial: Political activism or Twitter slacktivism?

"If you had told Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that building social movements could be done in 140 characters or less, we doubt he would believe you. The power of social media, Twitter in particular, to fundamentally alter the political arena is almost mythical." 

1/23/2020 8:15pm


Column: Cut out, or explain, the jargon

This is a call for simplicity and clarity in academic writing, as well as a call for us all to demonstrate the principle of charity in conversation — seeking to understand the speaker’s point as opposed to pulling apart the words they use to express that point. 

1/23/2020 8:11pm

Editorial: Coronavirus: Why you should be watching

With the first reported case in Washington state, government officials have already started cracking down on preventing the virus from making rounds across the United States. Screenings for the illness have been expanded in major airports across the US, including in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. 

1/21/2020 6:53pm

Kyende headshot

The odd traditions of the Nacirema: Was MLK a communist?

"My hypothesis on why Naciremans often omit Dr. King’s dissenting opinion on capitalism is due to a fear of its implications. Indeed, there has been significant progress within, and cooperation among, Nacireman tribes since the '60s. However, there is still much more that needs to be done."

1/15/2020 3:42pm


Column: Lay off of Meghan

"The press coverage of Markle exhibits the stale conditioning of the public to regard this woman and person of color in a negative light, no matter her contributions to society."