1/28/2019 12:08am

Livy Polen

Column: Cardi B, we don't like it like that

But no proletariat revolution has ever originated on Instagram live inside of a multi-millionaire’s walk-in closet. Tomi Lahren is right: it’s disturbingly comical how fame has become a golden soapbox for celebrities to spread their hypocritical agendas.  

1/28/2019 12:00am


Column: White is a race

The college admissions process is complex and universities are uniquely, inherently selective. So, most react to rejection with the quip that, “It just be like that sometimes.”

1/27/2019 11:53pm

Illustration by Savannah Faircloth

Editorial: A solution for Aycock Residence Hall

"The Undergraduate Senate passed a resolution Tuesday that recommended renaming Aycock Hall. The resolution passed without debate. Unfortunately, the resolution is merely symbolic."

1/24/2019 8:06pm


Column: Google thinks I'm a bad writer (and other thoughts on data collection)

Technology is so deeply intertwined with our lives that our data is at greater risk than anyone else’s. We’re on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so many other apps, and sharing so much of our day to day activities on them, while failing to consider how what we think is private information that can be used by these companies.  

1/24/2019 7:26pm

Opinion Editor Alec Dent

Column: Please, criticize journalists more

"Journalists hold a uniquely powerful position in society, and, as such, our mistakes can wreck lives. Criticism from the public is necessary to hold us accountable and to remind us that we, like everyone else, are fallible."

1/22/2019 10:59pm

Column: The dominant factor in UNC's affirmative action policy

 Underrepresented students who have a viable claim to a discrimination suit are the only ones with standing to benefit from affirmative action under the racial justice rubric. The law can’t recognize an unquantifiable concept like institutional racism. The only real question is whether administrators at UNC allowed their ideology to cloud their understanding of law and the Constitution.