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Column: Did friendships make it onto your post-graduation checklist?


"Making friends post-graduation isn’t necessarily a focus area at University Career Services or Counseling and Psychological Services, even though social connection is an essential part of our well-being. Connecting in this way is a skill that has to be learned, but college life makes the process seem more natural than it actually is."


Column: It's your closet — you decide


"For many of us, clothing is much more than fabric and thread. It’s our armor, our canvas, our uniform, our costume, or even our passion. There is no possible index that could determine a rhyme or reason to what’s in Vogue."


Editorial: Terrorism charges against UNC activist indicative of unjust police violence, overreach


"For any student involved in social change, Halperin and Marsicano’s experiences are crucial to understand. Their time in Atlanta reflects a power dynamic between law enforcement and protesters that has become increasingly prominent in America, in which law enforcement justifies the use of Draconian, disproportionate force by misrepresenting dissenters as violent aggravators."


Column: Transparency from our politicians should not be a luxury


"What Jeff Jackson is doing here matters. For one, it’s increasing political engagement by reaching millions of Americans through the most dowloaded app in the world. As much as political news is available to the average American, many do not seek it out. Jeff Jackson is able to reach his constituents and more on a free app that most people already have downloaded."


Column: Sports betting is a dangerous game


"North Carolina needs to properly address the industry of online sports betting with safeguards and preemptive policies to help our vulnerable youth. We have seen the spread of addiction in the schools of surrounding states, and we have no reason to bet against it."


Column: Combatting Asian American 'study culture'


"Although Asian study culture's emphasis on academic success has proven to be practical for furthering one's career, factors such as wellness, individuality and creativity can not be undervalued. Asian American students today are acknowledging this, and doing work to break the stereotypes of the model minority myth. By continuing to do so, we can create a healthier academic culture at UNC and beyond."


Editorial: GTHTC (Go to Hell, Tricia Cotham)


"It is clear that she has no interest in protecting progressive values in N.C. Instead, she put Republicans in a prime position to commandeer legislative policymaking and agenda-setting that would not have otherwise been possible."


Column: L is for 'Learning to love yourself'


"There have also been pros to my lack of high school dating experience. When most of my peers had their trials and errors in relationships, I had time to 'date myself.' I was able to take care of myself mentally and physically, invest time into hobbies or new activities, and, most importantly, learn to love being alone. At the end of the day, you will always have yourself to fall back on."


Column: Protect Indigenous children


"Imagine how tired Indigenous communities must feel. Petition after petition, protest after protest, speech after speech, only to still not be heard. Imagine being stripped of your rightful land, your country and your livelihood. Imagine being proud of your heritage and culture only to be forced to conform to whiteness, shipped off to boarding schools and made to feel as if you are nothing. After being denied almost everything, overturning ICWA would deny Indigenous people the right to even raise their own flesh and blood."


Column: TikTok ban misdirects outrage on data abuse


"What Republican and Democratic lawmakers are concerned with is the inappropriate use of data, but targeting TikTok misdirects their frustration, thinly cloaking it in nationalism and xenophobia. Rebuking TikTok for the dangers of their data practices fails to acknowledge the practices of American companies — a real pot and kettle situation."