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Monday March 27th

Time to get serious on head injuries

You may know the tales of former National Football League players affected by too many hits to the head. Former Cowboys star Troy Aikman’s career was cut short by concussions — a small price to pay compared to the depression and suicide of 44-year-old Andre Waters, whose hard-hitting play transformed his brain tissue to that of an 85-year-old man with early Alzheimer’s disease.

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Video decision regrettable: Refusal to release dashboard camera video deprives public of ability to judge case independently

A judge ruled Friday that the dashboard camera video showing Courtland Smith’s interaction with police officers before he was killed should be permanently sealed. This is a regrettable decision that denies the public the ability to examine fully this incident. The decision runs the risk of factoring into future court decisions.

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QuickHits for Jan. 26, 2010

Tax deductible reliefThumbs UpTaxpayers will now be able to deduct their donations to the relief efforts in Haiti. Even after the media coverage stops, there will still be a need for help, so keep donatingAppleThumbs Up

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Engage in foreign policy dialogue

A statesman once said, “No foreign policy — no matter how ingenious — has any chance of success if it is born in the minds of a few and carried in the hearts of none.” Great Decisions, a program led and taught by undergraduates  on UNC’s campus for more than two decades, embodies this idea by encouraging our generation to analyze and engage major global issues.

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UNC must come clean: Pollution from University research facility must stop; transparency and accountability are necessary

The University should follow the steps laid out by a community group to clean up the mess a mysterious UNC research facility made near a local creek.The state issued a notice of violation to the University in December after the Research Resource Facility leaked treated animal waste water into Collins Creek, in the rural western part of the county.

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Leaving basketball games early is never acceptable

TO THE EDITOR:With six minutes left in the men’s basketball game against Wake Forest on Wednesday, a fellow recent alumna and I sat in a crowded Manhattan bar, screaming at the TV in an ultimately futile attempt to encourage our Tar Heel boys to victory. So imagine my disbelief when a scan of the crowd showed a half-empty stadium — with six minutes left!

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Hurdles abound in ?lling courses

When I first decided to come to UNC, I was excited about the beautiful quads, the friendly atmosphere and the chance to learn from some of the nation’s best professors. What I wasn’t expecting was to have to jump through a series of daunting hoops in hopes of one day graduating.

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Margolis is right; ticket policy must favor students

TO THE EDITOR:Greg Margolis is 100 percent correct with his views on the student ticket policy for Carolina men’s basketball games, “Put ticket policy in hot seat,” (Jan. 20). It’s nice to know that others feel the way that my friends and I feel.Let’s face facts here: Our basketball atmosphere at the Dean Dome is just awful.

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