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Wednesday December 2nd

2020-2021 Editor-in-Chief Anna Pogarcic

Column: We're sorry.

"We have done so many things wrong," writes The Daily Tar Heel's Editor-in-Chief Anna Pogarcic. "As a predominantly white newsroom, we have failed to recruit and retain staffers of color. We do not look like the communities we serve, both on UNC’s campus and in the town of Chapel Hill, and as a result, we lack their trust. This is completely justified."

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2020-2021 Assistant City & State Editor and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Brittany McGee

Column: Welcome to Elevate

"I am not the type of person who generally makes public statements about the things I think and feel, but I do listen. I listened as other BIPOC journalism students explained their reasons to distrust writing for The Daily Tar Heel, and when other groups also expressed disillusion with how the DTH has handled covering minority communities."

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Paige Masten

Column: Meet your new opinion editor

"I’m honored to serve as The Daily Tar Heel’s opinion editor for the 2020-21 year. To me, the opinion page is the heart of the community, a place where we can have important discussions about issues relevant to UNC and the larger Chapel Hill population. These conversations, however difficult they may be, are critical as we determine how to move forward as a desk, as a newsroom and as a community."

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Column: Removing Native American imagery from sports is long overdue

"The next time you see someone dressed up as a chief with a headdress and painted skin at a Kansas City Chiefs game, or doing the Tomahawk chop at a Braves game, ask yourself: is it OK to use that imagery and represent Native Americans the way we do, despite their demonstrated anger at those stereotypes and the tragedies they suffered as a result of American colonialism and expansion?"

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Graphic courtesy of Lara Matsukura Bernardino, Georgia Broitman, Salena Braye and Mary Laci Motley.

Op-ed: We delivered the UNC Title IX petition. The administration answered.

"For years, the University has swept sexual violence under the rug while making empty promises to confront the issue. UNC has the opportunity to break the pattern of institutional betrayal and do right by their students. It is time for accountability, transparency and urgency of action to be prioritized in order to dismantle Carolina’s culture of sexual assault."

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UNC first year and Robertson Scholar Adejuwon Ojebuoboh will serve on Orange County's Housing Advisory Board. The board oversees housing needs, project proposals, and community awareness.

Column: The ignored nuance of Black people

"We must adjust our 'diversity' initiatives to take this important distinction into account, because recent descendants do not have to face the same generational trauma that long-standing descendants experience every day. All Black people experience racism in America, but descendants of recent African immigrants may not always face the systemic injustice long-standing descendants do."   

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Student activists placed a banner reading "Hurston Hall" over the name plaque of Saunders Hall Friday, April 24, 2015. It has since been renamed "Carolina Hall."

Editorial: The University that doesn't care

What Chancellor Guskiewicz and the administration fail to realize is that UNC is certainly not the University of the people — and it never has been, not even a little bit. But this is not news. Students and activists have been sounding the alarm for decades. Every time, the University has been indifferent.

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Chapel Hill Town Council members Jessica Anderson, Mayor Pam Hemminger, and Michael Parker vote during a meeting at Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020.

Op-ed: Chapel Hill must put its money where its mouth is

"A gradual defunding of the police department paired with investments in expansive social services will make our town safer, healthier and more equal. If the Town Council decides to not pursue this plan of action, it is only perpetuating the conditions of injustice that have characterized our nation from the very start."

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Opinion writer Rajee Ganesan poses for a portrait. Photo courtesy of Rajee Ganesan.

Column: Racism is a public health crisis

"Black Americans endure racial discrimination, microaggressions and antagonization from nearly every American institution. It’s visible in the disproportionate incarceration rates, unemployment statistics and home ownership demographics. Unsurprisingly, this disparity appears, too, in one of the systems most vital to public safety — health care."

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