Kvetching Board

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9/17/2018 5:41pm

Tarik Woods

Column: Make the Undergraduate Senate more diverse

All our student leaders have a responsibility to do what is right, regardless of how “contentious” it may seem. Students have been subject to this type of complacency for long enough with our University administration and should not undergo it with their student leadership as well. I hope that the trend of vetoing progress for the sake of pleasantness does not continue.

9/16/2018 9:56pm

Seth Newkirk

Column: Free inquiry is dead, long live free inquiry

"Rejecting potential truth in the service of an ideology is dangerous. The subjection of reality to a preordained framework can have wide-reaching ramifications for society. Collective ignorance will always be worse than controversial truth in the long run."

9/16/2018 8:54pm


Editorial: Learn about donor demands

The UNC we know and love would not be possible without donor gifts unless tuition and/or taxes were raised, always politically difficult propositions. Development staff are among the finest persuaders in our midst.

9/10/2018 7:24pm

Junior Henderson Beck works on his computer using Carolina's academic platform Sakai.

Guest column: A man phoneless is a man lost

While phones, tablets and laptops are obviously very useful, the corporations and the psychologists, whom these corporations hire to develop these devices and applications, aim to make them the most important thing in our universes.

9/10/2018 12:31am

Guest op-ed: Chapel Hill's truthful Southern history

"Much of what passes for history is of transitory importance and survival among professionals alone confers permanence. But quite apart from that consideration, new generations of UNC students and readers of The Daily Tar Heel ought to value the legacy of truthful southern history generated in Chapel Hill."

9/6/2018 9:53pm

Ramishah Maruf

Column: Is being 'woke' the new corporate trend?

From burning shoes to giving praise, Nike's decision to have Colin Kapernick as the face of their most recent campaign has sparked a wide array of reactions. But are they really "woke," or are they just trying to appeal to younger generations?