PHIL 89: Special Topics

Our readers recommend the philosophy department’s first-year seminar, but we say you can’t go wrong with any first-year seminar that interests you.

PSYC 101: General Psychology

It’s only human nature to want to understand humans. PSYC 101 has proven itself to be one of the best courses outside of other majors, according to DTH readers.

SOCI 172: Introduction to Population Health in the United States

There’s a plethora of classes to fill the US credit, but SOCI 172 has been dubbed the best by our readers.

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Students traverse Polk Place on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019. Changes to UNC's absence policies have stirred concerns within the student population.

Confusion arises for professors and students around updated attendance policy

Updates to the UNC Class Attendance Policy were made in February 2018 to focus on protecting certain categories of absences. Still, some students can be confused by the absence policy — which can lead to conflicts between professors and students.  Though certain absences do not fall under categories of University approved absences, professors can still excuse these absences. They are encouraged to communicate with students about other absences, but some professors allow more flexibility than others. For some students, the flexibility of a professor's absence policy can affect their decision to take the class.