10/1/2017 7:14pm

Protesters gather outside terminal two at RDU Airport on Jan. 29 in response to President Donald Trump's executive order banning immigrants from certain countries from entering the U.S.

Q&A with UNC professor Isaac Unah about Trump travel ban

On Sept. 24, President Donald Trump announced an executive order placing new travel restrictions on eight countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Chad, Venezuela, Yemen and North Korea. Isaac Unah, a Political Science professor at UNC, has research and teaching interests in judicial institutions, public policy and bureaucratic behavior. Staff writer Blake Weaver asked Unah about the new executive order.

9/25/2017 10:22pm

NFL player autopsy shines light on CTE

The release of the autopsy results for former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez has renewed questions about CTE-related deaths and safety in football — leading to research on the disease and changes in the sport.