2/12/2013 11:16pm

Ian Williams

Q&A with Duke hater Ian Williams

Ian Williams wrote a 1990 column for The Daily Tar Heel entitled “Why I Hate Duke.” It remains one of the DTH’s most popular stories. In 2007, Williams wrote a follow-up column, “Why I Still Hate Duke.”

2/12/2013 10:40pm

Desmond Hubert scored three points in the first half and was scoreless in the second.

Desmond Hubert not blocked by a challenge

When North Carolina forward Desmond Hubert tips off tonight against Duke in what will likely be the biggest game in the new starter’s career to date, the atmosphere associated with college basketball’s biggest rivalry will be just one more illustrious tale the sophomore can report to his friends back home in New Jersey.

2/7/2012 3:37pm

Column: Hate Duke, further the American Dream

Sometime during tonight’s epic Duke-Carolina match-up, while Butter is busy carving up the Blue Devils defense and John Henson has smacked another of the 16 Plumlee brothers’ weak shots back to Durham, you will turn to whomever you’re watching the game with, exchange drunken high fives and know true contentedness.

2/6/2012 4:12pm

Police prep for possible Wednesday win

While UNC students prepare for the mile-and-a-half run to Franklin Street after Wednesday night’s Duke basketball game, the Chapel Hill Police Department is also gearing up for the night’s festivities.

2/1/2012 7:31pm

Duke basketball ticket seekers receive glitch email

Due to a technical glitch with the online ticket lottery notification system, all students who entered the lottery, including those who won tickets, received an email saying they would not receive tickets, said Caitlin Goforth, president of the Carolina Athletic Association.

1/9/2012 10:55pm

Carolina defeated Duke 30-5 in Monday night's home match in Carmichael Arena.

UNC takes first dual win

Win or die. That’s how North Carolina senior Thomas Ferguson characterized the UNC wrestling team’s mindset before its meet against Duke on Monday night at Carmichael Arena.

10/2/2011 2:48pm

	UNC men’s soccer vs. Duke

Duke soccer team ?ghts back to earn tie with UNC

In a match that lasted 110 minutes — complete with double–overtime drama and enough hard hits to satisfy the football team — both North Carolina and Duke were left gasping for air by the final whistle. The No. 5 Tar Heels faced a determined Duke squad Friday night in front of a record-breaking crowd at Fetzer Field, and it took everything they had to come out with a 2-2 tie.