Aditya Surana


DTH Photo Illustration. UNC students are using social media platform TikTok to create videos criticizing the University's reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Students go viral on TikTok to criticize University, find comedic relief

While TikTok virality may not directly influence the administration, it grew into a space for students to cope with stress, voice their frustrations and confide in similarly situated students. And millions of people are watching. Despite TikTok typically being an app for humor and fun, some students gained virality simply by reporting on the University’s COVID-19 response and plans. Sally Hassan, a sophomore who went viral for her TikTok posts about the University, saw similar posts unpacking and sometimes mocking UNC’s situation. “The algorithm is very powerful,” Junior Zaria Joyner said. “I knew that I could reach a lot more people a lot more quickly, rather than other social media.”