Alison Krug


Newsroom director Alison Krug

Column: The last week

I spent the night before my final first day of class reading the handful of postcards my dad sent me before we moved to North Carolina. One featured the Charlotte skyline. Another proclaimed it to be “The Tar Heel State,” complete with little footprints Dad labeled to belong to each member of my family.

Newsroom director Alison Krug

Column: I still don't speak French

Up until just a few weeks ago, I’d never traveled outside the United States. The farthest I’d traveled is Austin, Texas, which is essentially a satellite colony of Carrboro and therefore doesn’t count.

Newsroom director Alison Krug

Column: To all in need of an older sister

On Nov. 9, I didn’t know what to do. My usual soul-rejuvenating activities (cross stitching, catching and releasing spiders from The Daily Tar Heel bathroom, stress cooking) didn’t seem like enough.