Brandon Standley



DTH at a Glance: The LDOC edition

Happy LDOC, UNC! Though you may be fearing the fate of your grades in orgo, econ and even drama, don’t let that stop you from celebrating this weekend. Here’s the news to jumpstart your darty-ing:

DTH at a Glance: #Deep

“You work real hard and the pay’s real low, and ev’ry hour goes oh, so slow.” It’s only a week until Easter Break, Tar Heels. Even though it seems like the week is slowing down, keep up the hard work (and maybe hope for snow). 

DTH at a Glance: Tar Heels turned snow heels

“N...Y...C… what is it about you? You’re big. You’re loud. You’re tough, NYC.” Happy Spring Break Friday, UNC! Even though it feels like it’s the dead of winter again, and the basketball team is snowed-in, here’s some news to get you warm for your pending beach trip(s):  

DTH at a Glance: ...In Friday’s Recitation...

UNC, it’s Friday! We’ve worked hard through the first full week of classes this semester, and it’s time to have a relaxing weekend — but before you do, you might face a little social anxiety in lecture, or find your loans are stressing you out. Nevertheless, here’s the news to ease your weekend transition: