Carson Fish


Improv group ‘speaks before thinking’

A group of Chapel Hill natives is bringing the town back to the 1990s — when the members were in junior high and the comedy scene started booming. The Transactors — who are performing their first show since June, “Way Back to School,” tonight at the Carrboro ArtsCenter— is the oldest comedy group in the south, said member Nancy Pekar.

Ackland gala to attract younger crowd

Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory was the epitome of New York City’s party scene in the 1970s. The Ackland Art Museum will bring this iconic era to Chapel Hill this Saturday at the Silver Factory Gala. Chapel Hill native band The Love Language will headline the event’s after party.

Lena Wegner (right) examines the Andy Warhol photo exhibit at the Ackland Art Museum with Lisa Voss (left) on Thursday night.

Ackland Art Museum capitalizes on Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the twentieth-century’s best known pop artists — and the Ackland Art Museum is hoping to use his big name to full effect. With parties, film showings and an elaborate gala fundraising event in the works, Warhol serves as a means to make the Ackland more of a social center, not just a gallery.

Q&A: Oliver Mayer

Staff writer Carson Fish spoke with the playwright about his career, his inspirations, and his former boxing aspirations.