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Opinion: Board of Governors should preserve research centers and institutes

On Wednesday and Thursday, 34 centers and institutes across the UNC system will be asked to justify their existence, including nine centers here at UNC’s flagship campus.

Chapel Hill High School students call for gender neutral bathrooms


Student leaders of the Campus Y made waves when they designated the first gender-neutral bathrooms on campus in January, and, at just a few years younger, students at Chapel Hill High School are pushing their school to take a similarly inclusive step. 

Anson Dorrance declares innocence in academic scandal


Anson Dorrance’s new book looks like any other. A black and blue cover, spiral-bound like a notebook — it fits right in with the hundreds of other books piled up around his office.

Football player involved in scooter accident near Raleigh Road

The Department of Public Safety responded to a scooter crash involving a UNC football player Wednesday morning at approximately 8:45 a.m., according to witnesses.

Student witnesses said the football player was struck on his motor scooter by a black sports car driven by an older man on Raleigh Road.

"He was laying on his side, and his scooter was kind of laying on its side," said Laura Fellwock, a UNC student who witnessed the crash on her way to class Wednesday. "His eyes were closed, they rolled him onto his back."

Students march to football game for better visibility


An army clad in all black paraded through the Homecoming Day sea of Carolina Blue in solidarity.An army clad in all black paraded through the Homecoming Day sea of Carolina Blue in solidarity.

Homecoming concerts Gloriana, Earl Sweatshirt catered to niche fan groups


For the first time ever, the Carolina Union Activities Board hosted two Homecoming concerts this year — but the new system may not stick around to see a second year.

UNC makes first investment in 10-year academic support plan

When Kenneth Wainstein’s independent investigation revealed the extent of academic advisers’ involvement in a decades-long athletic-academic scandal, Chancellor Carol Folt said she felt comfortable with the steps the University had taken to reform its advising system. 

Experts talk about proposed NC constitutional amendment

I’m actually going to vote for it, but not many people know about it.

Chemistry professor Joe DeSimone receives national recognition


UNC chemistry professor Joseph DeSimone can celebrate knowing that he has achieved a feat so great, only a handful of people in the world can say the same.

In his first comments about the Wainstein report, Roy Williams was shell-shocked


Roy Williams tried to answer the questions, but he couldn’t. A sigh, a long pause, the clicking of camera shutters filled the silence.

Q&A with UNC alumnus, donor Fred Eshelman


Philanthropist and UNC alumnus Fred Eshelman recently gave $3 million to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, which was named in his honor in 2008, by which time he had already donated about $33 million.

Chamber inducts businessman who 'started from scratch'


Al Pons' Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center made him one of the most respected business leaders in Chapel Hill, and 18 years after his death, his legacy continues.

Letter: ​Tillis is far from the greatest Thom

Thank you for your letter and for advising me to vote for Thom Tillis. I must say, though: I’m not sure you know who this man really is.

Real estate pioneer Eunice Brock honored by chamber

Eunice Brock didn’t want men telling her what to do, so she became the first woman in Chapel Hill to own a real estate company.

Chapel Hill works on cyclist street safety


North Carolina is one of the most dangerous states in the country for pedestrians and bicyclists, and it’s especially dangerous in high-traffic areas with populated downtown hubs and large universities like UNC.

UNC women's soccer pushes winning streak to eight


The No. 7 North Carolina soccer team has relied on a variety of players to score goals so far this season. 

Contextualized grades to now appear on UNC transcripts


Students get emotional during Coming Out panel


Travis St. Brice began to choke up.

UNC senior poses for special ACC Playboy issue

Playboy Magazine’s October edition included a “Girls of the ACC” section, featuring UNC senior Brittany Leppert, a drama major. Leppert took the year off from school for financial reasons and she plans to return in the 2015-16 academic year.

Office space leaves room for growth in Chapel Hill

For business owners looking to move into office spaces in Chapel Hill, there is no time like the present.