8/22/2018 8:19pm

Photo contributed by Mary Parry.
Long lines at DMVs throughout the Triangle are causing visitors to wait up to 8 hours.

Wait times at the DMV continue to get worse

With the new REAL ID set to begin in October of 2020, North Carolina DMVs are seeing even longer waits than normal, and a voter ID amendment appearing on the ballot in November could make this problem even worse. 

4/24/2018 11:53pm

Alexx Andersen participates in the Wake Forest Baptist Church's choir practice at Wait Chapel.

A year after the HB2 repeal, NC transgender students battle discrimination

It's been over a year since North Carolina passed HB 2, colloquially referred to as the bathroom bill. While the federal and state government have repealed and replaced the original bill, the dust still settles for transgender students in North Carolina, who should be spending more time enjoying college and less time worrying about being harassed on campus.